Friday, March 16, 2012

Preparations at hand

So two weeks untill The DAY!
Soon I will be of to the airport of Helsinki-Vantaa and I'll be kissing godbye to good old Finland for a month while i will be in Brasil.
I have orderd some more flight ticets with Petra for the internal traveling we will be doing in Brasil. We will be going to Pontão via Porto alegre and from there to Bracilia-city, Natal, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, so get ready for pictures and stories that will blow your minds.
I am a bit dumbfounded from the overflow of information I'm getting about Brasil concerning practical things, for example I don't know what to bealive in what concerns safety. I have heard it's a great contry and that you can be at ease but then I heard these contradicting things like be aware of pick pockets and robbers and such (in which i BTW belive most in), and it just makes me confused so thats a thing I aparently need to check out for myself.