Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sunday glorious sunday

So as you can propably imagine I'm pretty pumped up for next sunday when we leave for Japan. 
Me and Kim are gonna meet up somewhere at the central railwaystation in Helsinki and take the airport buss to the terminal. 
We have fixed our buisinesses in order and have our flight ticets our JR-Passes and we have allso allready changed some Euros to sweet, sweet Yens. 
As stated previously I will be trying to write my blog as we are there.  Allready we have found few very intresting things to blog about like an all you can eat restuarant in Kyoto and an all you can eat desserts buffe in Tokyo. These are just some of the highlights that I am going to blog about, so do folow me as you'll gonna hear a lot more of the fun and whacky things in and from Japan. 

As a side note: 
Though this trip is shure to be great and amazing it's still going to be clouded by the fakt that my father passed away litle over a week ago on saturday. 
But still I'll make most out of this trip since I'm shure thats what he would allso have wanted. 
It's been a rough week as you can imagine, but life  goes on, as hard as it might to be. 
Bless you Dad and rest in peace.