Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where the sakuras blossom

Now then that I have graduated from my Highschool it's time for yet another trip. 
This is something that had allready been brewing in my head since last january when I came back from Japan.
I swore to myself that I'd go to Japan again in the next summer and ... surprise, surprise, guess who is going to Japan :) 
Well this time I'm really pumped up for the next round, mainly because now I will be staying there for 17 days and will be visiting various locations as : Hiroshima, Nagoya, Tokyo, Kyoto etc. And this is still just am idea, but I was thinking of visiting the area where the tsunami wreaked havoc last year, Sendai. I'd like to see the reconstruction with my own eyes and write about it.
I really felt for the poor people who had to go thru this travisty. They not only lost their homes but they allso lost relatives, friends, neighbours.
But on the positive note this catastrophy brought the people, the city and the country even closer to eachother. 
"Ganbare Nippon!"

This time I won't be traveling alone as on the last time, but I will be joined by Kim Valkama who is a friend of mine from school. I asked him allready in good time if he would be interested in making this trip with me and he concidered it thoroughly and answered gladly yes. 

So the time line will be 1.7.2012. thru 18.7.2012 and once again we have orderd the famous " JR-Pass " which is a standard aquipment for any traveler out of Japan who wish to travel IN Japan. It's inexpencive and very convinient. 
And as allways, I shall be keeping my daily blog to the best of my abilities and hope to have you, dear reader, with me ! 

Cheers !