Sunday, May 6, 2012

Brasília and home sweet home

When we arived at the airport in Brasília we were greated by Clara who was a friend of Petras. She had come to pick us upp and to take us to her house with her car (thank god!). The drive took about a half hour because the place where she lived was at the other end of the city. The passing buildings and places were amzing, modern and amazing. It is one of the most beutifull capitals I'v ever seen, even though it is only a new capital.
we unpacked our things in the livingroom of Claras house and went to great the family. It was a big house.
We took a tour of the house and ate some mandarines before taking our suff to our rooms. Petra was sleaping in Claras room and I got my own bedroom. I went to take a shower and so did Petra and we met afterwards in  the kitchen and had some supper. It was getting late so we only went to the internet and then to sleap, we were a bit tired. The next day went to meet Claras boyfriend. Her boyfriend was going to show us a bit of the city while Clara had to go to take a couple of classes at the univeristy. But before she left we all had some Açaí, a type of ice cream of berrys, and it was delicious! She had to run after we had bought them but we proceded to eat our portions and then we went to get the car.
We drove around the city and stoped at last to a tower with an viewing point of the whole city. We went up and the views that layed before us where breath taking. You could see allmost the whole city, you could see the unfinished stadion that they were building for the olympics that Brazil will hold in 2016. 

We stayed very loong up there and when we finaly had got enough we had allready to go and get Clara and then we were allready leaving to the birthday party of Claras friend. Afterwards we went to a bar to drink and play some pool and to dance. We met up with my cousin Tuomas there. We had some drinks and played some  pool, later we danced som Forro. I danced with Petra and an other girl, Svetlana, who was an brasilian despite of her name. She teached me the mooves and I learned them more or less. We had tried to dance Forro in Rio allready but there I didn't really learn them. But as the saying goes, there is a time and space for everything. 
So we got home late that night and obviously went straight to bed. The next day we were alone eating breakfeast with Petra because the whole family had work and school. A friend of Tjagos, Claras boyfriend, was to come and pick us upp at 2p.m. to show us around some more. So we had the whole morning to ourselves. We went out to their yard to take some sun, I myself got bored quickly and started training on the sandbag that was hanging near the porch. Afterwards I took a shower and went to the computer. We had a quick lunch with Claras mom who had come home to eat. After eating we had some time before we got picked up by Tjagos friend. When he arived we went to pick up one of his friends who was coming with us to tour the city. We went to a marketplace where they sold everything imaginable. We bought some Erva-Mate to bring back home. Then we mostly just strolled around the premices and went to a big department store from where we allso bought some souvineirs. I bought some Cachasa, a type of spirits from Brazil, Then we had to leave allready home to eat because it really took time to stroll around and we were going out again that day. We went to a bar called the UK where they had two bands playing rock musik. One played Rolling Stones covers and the other one played 50's rock. The latter I really liked! 
The next day we woke up had breakfeast, luch and went to shop some clothes with Clara and Petra. Petra bought her dress for our graduation, I myself didn't buy anything, except for coffee :) 
So this was our last day and it felt so short. When we came back home to Claras, we started to make food with Petra. We had promised them to make some Finnish foods so we made the meatballs with mashed potatos again and for desert we made "pannukakkua". They relly liked it and Claras mom asked me for the recipe. After finnishing eating we went to pack our bags for the next morning because our flight left early and for that reason we allso had to wake even earlier. I packed quickly because I was still going out with Tjago to an apartment of his friends just to chill and play the guitar. So thats what I did and when I came back in the evening, or night actually, Petra and Clara were still awake watching some pictures from an album. I went to sleap for my part because I was exhausted.
So the next day came and we woke upp at 6 a.m. to take a shower and to eat breakfeast and then to leave for the airport. We took our last goodbyes to Clara at the house and then here mother at the airport. 

We were sad that we had to leave because the time seemed to have gone by so quickly that we hadn't realized it, but we were allso glad to come back home.
This time the flights and conections went smoother than when we arrived, the plain was only 20 minutes late at the airport of Brasília, the rest were on time and we came happily home at 3 p.m. Finnish time. 

So as a Summa Summarum of the tripp : IT RULED !!!! got to do it again some time in the future.