Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Road to Natal and Brasilia

When in Natal you just got to visit the beaches there. It´s so full of different beaches and there is not so many people in the city so they are not totally cramed full, thogh they are really popular. When we arived in Natal on the evening and arived at the house of a friend of Petras called Filipe. We had dinner with them and had a plesant talk about different things and it was funny because the father kept offering me more and more to drink so in the end I was a bit drunk to be honest, but hey we are just having some fun. Right ?
Anyway the next morning we woke up at around 10 a.m. to have breakfeast. It was great, I tasted my first Tapioca (a pancake made from the Manjoca, a sertain typical rootfruit in Brasil) and it tasted great. We ate it with cheese. After the very filling breakfeast we went to see a fort near the ocean and then we went to the beach of ponto negro. The water was really warm and the sun was hot as hell! Just the way I like it, of course.
We stayed there for a long time and then went to the shoping arcade of the artesans to look around, everything was really beautifull and cool. We were allready getting a bit hungry because we had stayed at the beach for a really long time and the sun was already setting when we got home to Filippes to eat. It was again a great feast we had. Then afterwards we made a little road trip for St. Miguel de Gostoso. The place was really beautifull and it was only a couple of hours away from Natal. If even possible the beaches there were more beautiful than some of the ones in Natal. and so surprise surpsise we went the next day to the beach again there, but the nigth before we made some caipirinhas for ourselves and had some fun, haha ofcourse right. Yeah so the next day we allso spent a long time at the beach after that we went to se other beaches nearby and checked them out. There was one beach that was known for its "whale rock". It was a rock near the water that had an underwater  tunnel or it was more like a hole and when the waves hit it the water went in the other side and spurted out at the other. It was really fun ! When we were geting hungry we went to eat at a local resturant near the hotel where we were staying. We had two dishes that where prepared from local ingreadients and they really tasted great, like everything so far. We then went to pack our stuff after we had finished eating and then we were on our way again, towards Natal. We had to sit for 3 hours  in a trafic jam and came home late. We went shopping and then out to eat. The next day we left early in the morning for Brasília.
So now I have experienced the beautifull Natal, it realy was an amazing city with many good beaches and amazing views!