Thursday, April 26, 2012

Party fever strikes again

Party, party, party... Thats all I think we have done on every evening, but it´s okay cause were taking it easy and relaxing. We have now seen many of the most famous places of Rio de Janeiro, like Cristo Redentor, AKA. Christ the redeemer, we have been in copacabana, lapa, ipanema Etc. We have had so much fun here that its not real ! Although I think it is Petra who has had the most fun because she has once more united with here friend that she has not seen in three years. We have been living at her, Isadoras, place where she lives with three other persons and now with us too :). We have been going out every evening so far to see some samba dance or some sights or just simply going out to a bar.
Yesterday we were out in Lapa where we went to watch the people dancing the Forroh! It was fun, we talked with a lot of new people, and propably the jewl of that evening was when I beatboxed with a random guy who rapped to my beat. Hahaha, it was hillarious! I don´t know, maby its because I have been lucky or that I have hangd out with the right people, but I have never been afraid of beeing mugged or anything like that. But that does not mean that I will let my guard down in the future eighter. It is obviously easier to move around in the city and on the streats when you have someone that lives here as your guide, it is allso great chance to practice my portuguese. 
The beaches have been amazing and the water allso. We were swiming and taking sun today in Ipanema and Copacabana. We have allso been a bit shopping here and trying out the restuarants, and oh boy do I like the food or what. 
The places we have been have usually been "pay per kilo" type of places, and the name says it all. You pay by the kilo. It´s really cheap and good food (100g/2-3R$, aprox. 1 or 2 euros per 100g)  and the same goes for the dessert, pay per kilo :) yummy! 
Oh and when I now got started on the food; the coffey is allso really delicious and strong, but they like to add mutch sugar or artificial sweetener to it and they allways stand in awe when this weird person replies to them that he does not need no sugar or sweetener to his coffee. 
Yup, tomorrow we will leave at about 20.00 for Natal, so untill then.