Thursday, April 12, 2012

The days keep passing by

Ah, yet another couple of days have passed in all their delightfullness. We have gotten pretty accustomed to the life and daily activities of the school, like for example picking fruits and milking cows etc. It really is a wonderfull experience to live and work here like the others. We have a lot of sparetime allso because we don't have to attend the classes all the time (or not at all if we don't want to). But we prefere to wake up at 6.30 for brakefeast, cleaning and mystica afterwards, this has become an ''unspoken rule'' to us.
We have had only one minor accident here and it happened 09.04.2012.
We were working at the orchard at the moment when the tractor passed us by with a grasclipper atatched to it. Well it just so happened that the tractor drove over a bee nest and you propably guess the rest. There were bees everywhere and we had to run further away. Petra got stung three times and was a bit uppset because she detests bees. The others got stung a couple of time and the driver ten, yes TEN times. I on the other hand didn't get stung not once. I guess I had luck eventhoug it was prety near that I got stung.
I walked Petra back to school because she was still uppset. She was fine and since she had no allergies she didn't need no doctor. She had allso some antihistamine with here just in case of any allergic reaction, and we adviced here to take one, just in case. Well the rest of that day went by calmly we didn't have more work to do so we just took it easy.

Our stuff

Yesterday (10.04.2012) we FINALY got our stuff that wasn't delivered when we arived to the airport on 02.04.2012. You can imagine our faces when Salete (the principal) came and told us that our stuff had arived when we were having a snack at the cafeteria. We litterarely jumped up and ran to the entrance and accepted our luggage with great joy. We imediately went to pack up our bags and change to some other clothes. I had personally had only two shirts that I had to wash allmost every day. I allso had to borow from Cleverson some clothes and stuff.
The same day when it was time for some good old manual labor, in other words we went to the farm.
We got to see the slaughtering of two piggs and it wasn't so bad but the worst part was when they burnt off the hair of the pigg. The smell of burnt hair is just something that I despise above all. When this was done I went with my group to the fields to build electric fences for the animals. After that we went to the orchards to pick some figgs, they were ripe and looked perfect. They used them to make some jam for breakefeast. That activity concluded the days work, and me and my group returned to the school.
The evenings usually pass with cardgames and other things.
We have started to get so used to the people here that we allready now feel a bit sad that we have to leave in aprox. 8 days.

To be continued...