Saturday, April 7, 2012

" The School starts!"

We woke up 6.30 the next morning for breakfeast and "mystica", a kind of morning asembely. I was still a bit exhausted after traveling but not much, so I was glad to notice the dispenser with coffee in the cafeteria where we ate.
For you who don´t know much about the school, let me enlighten you. It is a boarding school of sorts where the students are divided in to two primary groups. While the first group stays at school and studies the second group is out of school practising in real job enviroments. They switch places every second month, so the first group lives in the school and studies for 2 months and then they switch places with the second group that is doing "real work" outside the school.
The school has an emphasis on agriculture and has its own fields, orchards, farmhouses and animals etc.
All the food comes from their own farm, so I have been eating more or less 100% eco food. So no added colors and none of those other stuffs that microwave meals have in them.
A part of the mystica
So back to my morning. They had milk for the coffee that they had collected themselves from their cows and we had bread that they had baked themselves in the morning. The taste was good and eventhough the school is not very modern it makes it up with it´s unique athmosphere and it´s personality. It´s an old brick building with two floors and a basement. The dormitories were situated in the second floor, but our rooms were in the first floor.
After we had eaten our bread and drank our coffee me and Petra helped with the cleaning. I cleaned the floor and I´m not quite shure what Petra had for a task but anyway. The cleaning went quick because we were many.
After the cleaning was over we went with them to the mystica, whitch was held in  their class, and presented ourselves to them. It was very dificult to find the right words, but they understood. They had a picture show and sang a song infront of an flag (not the brasilian one), then they told a story and afterwards chanted something togheter. The meaning of the mystica is basicaly to uplift the spirit of the class and give them positive things to think about.
To me, as an outsider, it seemed very intrigueing and mystical, pardon the pun. Afterwards started the classes, they haeld some presentations that they had had as homework. If I understood it correctly they had to present how they would plan an acher themselves, what would they plant there and so on.
Me and Petra didn´t understand so much, but we made great efforts to do so.
I felt a bit sleepy after the class so it was a godsend that we had a pause after a couple of hours where we got a small snack to eat. The snack was made of some kind of rootfruit and red wine and shugar, kind of like a fruit soup of sorts. I didn´t like it so much because of the distinct taste of red wine. We sat with two young groupleaders and tried to converse with them. I felt kind of glad that there was one person in the school who could spanish so that we had a language that we could lean on if we didn´t remember some words in portuguese. His name is Cleverson.
I went after the snack outside and down to the cellar to wash my clothes since I didn´t have much clothes now that my baggage had not arrived yet.

There was no washingmashine so ofcourse I had to wash with my hands and a brush. I had no problems with it, contrarely I loved it! Cleverson showed me just in case how it should be done but I allready knew. He was impressed taht I knew the correct way to wash. After I had washed my clothes and hung them to dry I went with Petra to talk with the principal. She showed and explaned us the school system and told about their involvement with MST (they fight for the rights of people who have now land or home, check out their site by googleing the term MST). It was very inresting and I understood the most of what she said but it was mostly because I understood the context. I offerd her some finnish chocolates as a small token of apriciation, the other real presents are still in our baggages, which are god knows where at the moment.
afterwards we went with them to their barn where they had piggs and I helped Cleverson and the others to clean their stalls. The smell was what I expected and rememberd from other visits to a farm, horrid. The cleaning took a while and then we had to feed them allso. After all this we were finnished and we went and ate. We had rice, beans, meat and sallad. This seemed to be a pretty typicall meal since all theese ingredients could be found at the farm. After the food we cleaned again and then it was free time. We hanged out with the other students as they played soccer.
When we went to sleap I was allready very sleapy and the next day we were suposed to go on a trip with the school to two other farms.
That night I had allso no problems to sleap.

To be continued...