Thursday, April 5, 2012

The adventure continues

It had been two days since we left Finland, and we were currently living the third day and we still were not there. We were in the buss in the middle of Brazil making our painstaking way towards Instituto Educar.
The bus was neat and clean and very modern, total opposite of everything we had imagined. The seats were nice and comfty and it had aircondisioning. The view was nice and as I dosed of a couple of times I had forgotten where we were. The scenery reminded me a bit of the finnish countryside with it´s many fields and farms. But ofcourse it was not, soon I realized that the treas were not the same, the vegetation were compleatly different and even the clouds on the sky were not as the ones that I rememberd from Finland.
It was warm and sunny outside, aprox. 30 degrees Celsius. We passed many little villages and finaly arived at the end station in Passo Fundo at around 3 o´clock. We were greated by Andersson, a jolly "Brasileiro" in his twenties or thirties. We went to the airport of Passo Fundo in expection to find our baggage delivered there, as promised. But no, they had not arrived, instead they had been sent to Amsterdam !!! WHAT!?? Could somebody tell me what buisness the had sending them there? Well we called the service and they told us that they will sen our baggage to our school and we left. We ate on our way at a pit-stop near the airport. It was a meal concisting of rice, beef and beans. Oh and sallad ofcourse, can´t live without that stuff.
Instituto Educar
We ate with good apetite and then left for Instituto Educar. We talked a bit with Andersson with the little portugese that we knew and were able to have some plesant conversation during the drive. At the school we were greated by the very motherlike Salete Campitgotto, she is one of the most nicest and warm hearted people I ever knew. She greated us with a bearhug and words of welcome. We were imediately shown to our quartes so that we could relax and put down the litle amount of stuff that we had. Elena went of to atend her own duties as the principal of the school and we were left in our rooms to relax. Petra came to my room to chat so that we wouldn´t have to be bored since it would be a while before the classes ended.
Night sky 
We got a tour of the school from Andersson and ate together with everybody. It was getting late so we went back to our cuarters to sleap. It was a small room with much personality. I didn´t have to try to get some sleep as it came as quick as I had laid down and closed my eyes.

To be continued ...