Sunday, April 15, 2012

Still a few days to go

Time shure runs by here in Pontão, I mean we´ve been here for 12 and it will be 5 days till we depart for São Paulo. We both wish that we could stay here in Pontão for a bit longer because the people are really, really nice here. It´s really hard to tell anything new and intresting because the days are similar, at morning breakfeast then cleaning and then classes. Between the classes and lunch we have a little snack (usualy at 10 a.m. ). After lunch their classes continue after cleaning. Usualy at 3 o´clock they have practical work in the fields and farm. Then after supper it´s free time.
One thing that I realy don´t like are the flys we have here. They keep driving me nuts when they are in hords and come and sit on my hand, nose, near my ear... EVERYWHERE!! And the come back even if I try my best to keep them away. 
Yesterday we started to make a presentation of Finland for the students and teachers, whitch we will hold on the last night of our stay here in Instituto Educar. So far we have done half of the presentation whitch contains small titbits of finnish history and present day. Allso we will write about our school and let them try some Salmiakki and last but not least we tought that we´d teach them "the Jenkka". 
We have learend some fun games and other such things from them but allso teached them some cardgames and such, a few have even asked us to teach them a bit of finnish. 
Today was another rainy day, so naturally I didn´t have no motivation at all to do anything, but I forced myself.
We watched a movie instead of having P.E. today because it was really pouring down. It was ok for me because as I allready mentioned, I had no energy and motivation. 
I wonder what tomorrow will bring... 

To be continued... : )