Monday, April 23, 2012

Moving on

A Favela in São paulo
So now that Pontão is behind we have made our way to São Paulo; There we stayed for four days (3 days there and on the last we left). São Paulo is a very big and beautifull city, with its large population and huge buildings. I had one of the best days of my life on the first day there. When we arrived we were met by Adriana   (the dotter of our contact person in Brasil), she showed us to our room where we could put our stuff and then I took a shower. Now to the better part. We went to a store and bought a couple of beers and went back to the house to drink. We played drinking games with Adriana and here friends. After "a couple" beers we went to a party. It was an party that was held at an univeristy, at their campus. And man was it fun, drunken people having fun. Dancing, smoking, the whole nine yards. I mean,  I have been in some good partys but this takes the   crown. I was amazed how much I talked and talked with them; me who knows so little portuguese. They understood everything what I said and I likewise. It was GREAT! They allso spoke good english there because, well... university people, enough said. I met som fun people who shared my intrests so it was really easy to relate and to just talk. Later we came "home" with a taxi that our friends had called for us. It was only 10 reais for the fare, cheap. The next morning we woke up somwhere aroud ten and went to eat breakfeast at a bakery near by where we had visited the last day. We didn´t do much that day becase we couldn´t call anyone and nobody was at home but us. What we did was, we went to a grocery store and bought some ingredients and made food and after that we went to stroll around and bought a preepaid chip for the mobile but it didn´t work. Typical. This is how we spent our second day.
The tird one was way better. Petra woke me early in the morning because she heard a noise coming from outside. It was a maid who came to clean the house. So I returned back to the room and continued my sleap while Petra went on to take a shower and make breakfeast. I slept only for one more hour and came to the kitchen just in time for the breakfeast. We asked here if she could call Adriana and ask here when Guilermo (a person who Pertti, our contactperson, knew) would come to meet us. Guilermo was going to show us around São Paulo and later he would take us to a party. We were really looking forward to this.
He came at 12 o´clock and for our surprise he was about our age, wery young. He had borrowed Perttis car and took us to see the Mercado and some cathedrals (huge btw.) and then to the monument of independency). Everything was so amazing and allso the houses and neighbourhoods we passed were so different from what I was used to. Similar to Bosnia and Herzegovina but not the same thing.
We ate at a mexican restuarant, I had a cesadilla. I really liked the time we spent on the town and driving.
So we returned to our house and we both took a shower after whitch we went to meet a friend of Guilermos before we were to go and party. Well here comes the funny part, we went to a gay district. And man oh man were there a lot of them :), don´t get me wrong I have nothing against them. And I can honestly say that I had a lot of fun there. We drank and talked and had a good time. Then we went to a club afterwards where we party´d like there was no tomorrow.
We returned late at night and had only a little of sleap when we had to wake up so that we could meet Pertti who had now come to Brasil from Finland. He lives in both places and it was at his house where we stayed.
Airport of Rio 
We made breakfeast for all of us. It was pancake time people! we had bought the ingredients the previous day! After breakfeast and a long discussion we had to go and pack our baggs for we were to leave after 4 hours. We left after lunch and it felt so sad because I wanted to stay a bit more there. So then we left for the airport from where we took our flight to Rio de Janeiro where we are at the moment.

To be continued.