Saturday, April 7, 2012

visiting farms

Early in the morning
I woke up to the knock on the door, signaling that it was time to wake up and come to breakfeast. We left at the same time with Petra to the cafeteria. We had coffee and bread again. Afterwards we quickly cleaned the floors, tables and cups and left to our rooms to get what we needed. The buss was allread waiting outside when I came outside to see what was happening next.
It was allso a pretty modern buss with plenty of room and soft seats.
We went inside and sat down, it was very early so we slept a bit in the buss since it was to be a long trip to the first farm (* it took 4 hour with one stop).
The scenery was breath takingly beutifull. I opened the window beside my seat and stuck my head out to take a deep breath, the air was a bit frisky but fresh. We drank much tea during the tripp and I got a real bad need for a toilet thanks to the tea, luckily the pitsop was not far away. 
The first farm was very big one, with many animals and many acers of land. It was a farm that allso had conections to MST. 
The owner greated us all warmly welcomed to their farm and gave us a tour of the premices.
"Our" teacher held a couple of lessons outside during the passes between the tour. 

It was really hot outside during the whole day, so every shadowy spot was quickly filled when we stopped for a while to hear something about some plants or trees they had at the farm. 
We came across some anoying small cactus plants whitch had theese small leaves that grabbed and stuck to your clothes and were hard to get of. Everybody were picking these small leaves of after the tour. 
Orange tree
We ate some barbaqued chicken that were prepared on swords made for barbaqueing. They had allso made lemonade form the limes at the farm, it was really delicious and reminded me of the days when I was little and used to make it at home as well. 
On our way back to Instituto Educar
Since we had allready seen everything there we thanked the owner and left for the next farm that was a hour away fom the first. 
This farm was much smaller but it was still a big one, they had allso conections to MST at that farm.
The same repeated at the second farm as that on the first. We had a walk through the premices and had some lessons outside but then after that we had only a little snack before we thanked the owner and left. 
We arived at the school very late and ate imediately when we arrived back (* again beans, rice, meat, sallad.  etc. But no worries they are allways prepared differently and are allways delicious). 
We chated with Cleverson a bit before we went to our rooms. 
This was what hapend that day. 

To be continued...