Sunday, April 8, 2012

We are doing great

The days have passed great hear in Instituto educar. We have gotten to know the students better and I have noticed personally that I understand a bit more portuguese now than when I arived. We have had it preytty chill during the last couple of days, but one thing that bothers me and Petra, is the fact that our baggage still has not arived and we have had to buy some clothes and allso borrow. The same goes for toothpaste and such neceseties. I swear, I don´t know how much more I can stand this waiting, but thats about the only negative thing I have in my mind.

We have had fun, very much so thanks to our wonderful friends here in Brasil. Yesterday (*07.04.2012) we made some typicall finish food for them, we made meatballs and mashed potatos  for aprox. 28 persons. It was my first experience to cook in such quantities but as luck had it they turned out great. Petra and Cleverson helped me in the kitchen. It took some time but it was well worth the effort cause it tasted great, and they even helped themselves for a second serving. Later on we went to a lockal bar and had "a couple" drinks. We had fun! The next day (today) we had an easter lunch consisting of roasted meat. It was fun to find out that they had a huge fireplace in the loby. The taste was great eventhough there was many fatty parts that were hard to chew.
We had it with, surprice surprice, rice. I will try to add pictures soon as possible.

To be continued...