Tuesday, May 21, 2013

FedEx brought me my goodies!

 So I got a delivery last Friday and guess what it was? Oh nothing just THE JR PASSES I had ordered a short while a go. I was stunned 3 days had passed and they were here allready! Great jobb  Jrpass.com !
If you don't know what a JR-Pass is, or don't remember (I have made a post about earlier in my blog), the JR-pass or Japanese Railway Pass is an economic and superb train ticket that allows you to travell on all the trains and railways operated by the Japanese Railway (JR).
JR has an railwaysystem that streaches throughout the country, it even operates a ferry to Miyajima near Hiroshima, and many busses allso. These all are covered by the JR-pass.
Now the JR-Pass comes in three different validation periods or three different types. There are the 7 day pass, 14 day and 21 day pass. One person can buy more than 1 pass for him or herself if he wants too and can duss distribute the usage of the Jr pass as he/she wants.

I chose to buy two 21 day passes for myself and I will be using the passes with some time between them, so I won't be using up my 42 days of unlimited travel consecutively but rather in two periods. This is because I am going to stay in Tokyo and Kyoto for a longer period of time and since I won't really need to use the JR-pass there I decided this was the best way to allso cut costs on my travel. The JR pass is exchanged in Japan and before that you have to buy the voucher outside of Japan! The picture on the left here is the voucher, the real pass will be exchanged later.

If you could travel around Japan unlimitedly for a period of eighter 7, 14 or 21 days, where would you go?
Think of the possibilities! Unendless discovery.