Monday, April 6, 2015

past passing days here in Japan

So I have been a bit busy here in Japan during the evenings so I have not had time to write.

Well about the hanami on the 4th... We arrived around three o'clock in Toyko that day so we made our preparations as quick as we could and I was really looking forwards to it.
When we made it there it was already near 6 o'clock!!!!!!! Well we saw people leaving the park and the event had clearly ended and I got super depressed thinking I had missed my chance to meet a few youtubers I wanted to meet.

Well we walked back to the station and I connected to the internet to check the event page. Thank God that there was a after party planned at the Hub, a british style pub chain here in Japan.
We made our way there and lo and behold there they were! The people I had been longing to see where there. I got there and said my greetings and we chatted a while and it felt very absurd yet awesome.
   The evening went by nicely whilst socializing and drinking.

The next day we woke up early for no real reason. It was the day we were to meet a couple I had talked with on Couchsurfing, to go do an Izakaya tour.
We were to meet at the Kaminarimon police box at three so we had plenty of time to go and eat breakfast and to eat lunch and then we also circled around Ueno for a while to kill the time.

After that we met up with this REALLY NICE couple. They were so super friendly and fun!
They had even gone so far as to meet us at a location that was most convenient for us and even done some beforehand research of the places!
   The first place we went too was a small one where we had to stand, but for us it is nothing wrong with that. We drank and had a really nice chat with our host and the patrons at the bar.

From there we went to a nice Izakaya which was owned by a husband and wife team :)
The husband was working as the chef and the wife was the server etc. They were quite old but it only gave the place a even better and homelier atmosphere!

From there we went to a standing bar where we had just a few drinks and I tried for the first time in my life something that was called a Wine highball. I have tasted a whisky highball before but this was surprisingly good. Highball is a drink where you mix the alcohol base with soda water and pour it on ice.

From there we went to our last place which was underground so you could really say it was a underground bar hahaha :) But it was fun and above all not so expensive. Actually none of the places were expensive.
We had so much fun that night and we are so grateful to our host!

Today we are going to Takaoka to meet my Japanese mother!