Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Takaoka and back to Tokyo!

So as said I went to Takaoka which lies in Toyama prefecture near Kanazawa. I went there to meet my Japanese "mother".
   We went together with my girlfriend and my mom was so happy to see us as were we to see her!
She was still the same super energetic gal she always has been and that I remembered. Unfortunately she had still a lot of work to do and we only had one night there so we stayed at the house to wait for her and in the evening we went to a great Spanish restaurant where they served some AMAZING tapas and food. We ordered and ate a lot!
   Well mom had work in the morning and was coming back first at 2 p.m. so we slept until a bit before twelve.

After a quick shower I popped into the local supermarket to get some ingredients to make cinnamon rolls (Finnish style). We barely had made them ready when we already had to leave to the train station.
We said our farewells and left towards Tokyo.
There we met up with my girlfriends sister and went to Akihabara to browse the stores for anything interesting. I bought some retro games for my brother.

After a while we started to get hungry and we wanted to go eat some BBQ since it would be our last chance for it now here in Japan!
We searched and searched and when we started to be super hungry we quickly returned to our Hostel and checked the internet for answers to our troubles and found a good place just 5 min.'s away so we we dashed there!

It must not be left unsaid: I so F*cking LOVE IT ! We ordered, grilled and munched our stomach full!

Tomorrow will be our last full day here and we have to be very smart in using it to its full capacity!

Cheers! And as always, thanks for reading!