Saturday, October 25, 2014

First and second day in oslo

Yesterday I left Helsinki at 7.15 and was after a quick 1 h 30 min in Oslo gardermoen airport.
   The flight went really well and I was exited to meet my host befor meeting up with my friend Yuka who was coming with a later flight from Bodö.
   My host lives in Skullerud, about fifteen minutes from the central railway-station by subway.
Jan, my host, was kind enough to agree to host us for the whole duration of our stay, even tough he is away from Friday to Sunday.
   I got the keys and went back to the railway station to meet up with Yuka.
I think think that the people are really kind here and I feel relieved that I can get by with Swedish though they do speak excellent English as well.

   It was a bit glum on the first day because of the light rain but we went around a bit to see the Domkirke church a short walk from the station.
   We didn't really do much that day except for catching up with each other in Starbucks.
Today we had a chance of seeing more of the beautiful city. We went around the city on foot so we could see more of the city. We went to the national museum for art but decided not to enter today since it is apparently free of charge during Sundays, so if you ever travel to Oslo on a budget then that is one good place to go!

We walked through the spikersuppa park near the national theater  and walked to see the City hall (Oslo Rådhus). It has some artwork frescos/wooden artwork on its walls on the outside. There is also a very particularly cool big clock. We walked to the port from there and went to see the Akerhus festning (Akerhus fort). Oslo is very scenic and beautiful during fall. The trees had nice color and the weather was gentle and sunny today. A perfect day for a walk and sight seeing.

From there we went to see the Opera house which is an absolutely stunning piece of architecture!
   Oslo is a very convenient city to traverse on foot or by means of public transport and it really feels like a kind and open city.

Later on we retired to our hosts apartment to eat and tomorrow we will go to the park with the famous stone sculptures and stone sculpture pillar. Also we will go to the national museum for art and the rest we will decide tomorrow.