Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Munch museum, the Viking ship museum and returning home

Hi again!
Now that I have rested my tired bones and had time to recollect my thoughts, it is time to put them down here and bare myself to you once more. 

On Monday was our last whole day in Oslo so we decided to go to the Viking ship museum and the Munch museum. Such was part of what we were going to do but also I wanted to walk along (or up the) Akersalva river because I had heard/read somewhere that it was supposed to be very pretty and relaxing place to walk. 

We woke up around nine and our wonderful host Jan, who had returned home the day before, made us some scrumptiously delectable omelets together with toast. Wow! It was soooooo good, and I mean what a nice guy he was to make breakfast to us, mere couch surfers!  
   I really like the whole concept of Norwegian hospitality and how the people are so friendly and happy! 

After finishing breakfast we left for the subway/metro to get to the city center. 
   From there we walked to the backside of the Oslo Rådhus,at the harbor. It only took us approx. 10 min with a leisurely pace to get there. From there we took the bus nr. 30 towards Bygdøynes to get to the viking ship museum. The stop where you should get of is Vikingskipene. 
   You can use the same buss to go to the Norwegian folk museum, the Holocaust center, the kon tiki museum etc, which are all located on the same little peninsula.   

The museum was interesting and I highly recommend making this trip while visiting the folk museum and the other interesting museums of the peninsula. We unfortunately did not visit them because my friend was not interested. But be warned! The viking ship museum has only three boats there and it is a relatively small place so I don't recommend just visiting there if you venture to the peninsula.
   We got the student discount but I still thought it was a bit expensive for normal adults without discount: 60 kronor (~7€/9$) but students get in for half. 

After we had digested everything we took the bus back to the city from where we went to the museum of Edvard Munch to see the Scream.
   The ticket price was 50 kronor and was more or less worth while seeing. 
I found it somehow abstractly funny that to get in you had to leave your jacket and bags in the locker and pass trough a airport security like security control to get in. It gave me a sort of false sense of coming in to a huge museum with many important exhibitions. But it was a small museum and the painting itself was indeed cool to see but I can't shake this sense of letdown from me. 
   The reason the security is so tight is that the painting that they have there, has been stolen many times since it is so hugely famous. 

Anyhow we looked around there for a while and after leaving we went to take the walk along the river which turned out to be the best ting that we had decided on doing on that whole day. 
   The riverside road was lovely to walk along and was really peaceful. We then took a little detour through a little hill road called telthusbacken towards the city. after a long day we then returned back home. 

The next day we woke up at seven to leave together with our host to the city, He headed to work and we were left in the city to walk around aimlessly.
   We didn't really have anything left to see so we just shopped and ate and drank coffee to pass time. 

********About the prices********

Norway is one of the three most expensive countries in Europe, here i have listed some prices over things: 

Buss ticket bought from the buss: 50 Kronor 
Metro/bus/tram ticket from an automated ticket-vendor : 30 kronor
Beer from the store (0.5l): ~45-50 kronor 
Average food cost at a medium priced restaurant: 160-240 kronor 
The train ticket (express) from the airport: 90 kronor (one way) 
cost of coffee at a café: 25-35 kronor
cost of coffee at a kiosk : 20 kronor 
books: around 200 kronor 

Thanks for reading!