Sunday, October 26, 2014

Oslo national art museum and Vigeland park

What a good day today was. We woke up at nine well rested because of the extra hour we got because of the winter day light savings or whatever. You know the thing where you turn your clock to wintertime, one hour backwards.

Anyhow we ate breakfast and left to the town. We walked to the National art museum to go see the exhibition for FREE!!! The entrance is free of charge on Sundays so it's great if you are on a budget. I highly recommend visiting there! The exhibitions were really nice, especially the paintings by Dahl.

   I rarely go to art exhibitions though I really like art, but I usually go to art museums when vacationing.

   There after we went on our day by walking to trough slottsparken, where the royal palace was located, took pictures and continued towards the Viegeland park.
   We didn't have a map but I had a somewhat good hunch on where we should walk and after stopping to eat on the way, we arrived there.
   The park is ridiculously huge!!! Its main passage was ornamented with sculptures of various sorts and the park was beautiful. I just wish we had come a bit earlier in Fall, when the trees still had properly some leaves.
   The main sculpture, the big carved stone pylon at the center of the park, was majestic and truly worth its praise.
   It was surrounded by symmetrically placed smaller sculptures on stairs and the pylon, or should we just call it a pole, had many human figures carved into it.
   The amount of detail was a bit creepy but still, I really liked it.
We had been spending much time walking around town and it was getting darker so we started to return back home.
   On our way back we chatted a bit with some facers for Amnesty. I didn't pledge for anything but we still had a nice chat about current situations and about Finland etc.

Tomorrow we will most likely go to the Viking ship museum and other places, so for now I thank you for reading and hope to have you soon again.