Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 4

Today I woke upp at 8:am and ate a quick breakfeast at Mizukis house. After finishing eating she drove me to the Isawa Onsen Eki (Eki=station). From there I took the train towards Tokyo and stoped somewhere a bit before entering Kyoto regions and from there I changed trains and took a local train to Yokohama. The trains are so beutifull, clean and comfortable!!! My friend lived in Switzerland for a year while he was on an exchangeprogram and he kept talking on and on about how he loved the trains there and how modern they were. Well now I can finaly relate to his fealings cause it is such a breeze to change and to take a train anywhere, and if you don't know how, they will help you to the extreme.
The group
Well back to the story, after Yokohama I took the superexpress train, called HIKARI, towards Kyoto. This train ride was very pleasant because when I finaly got a seat (Because I didn't have a seat reservation) there was an elderly lady siting on the seat next to me and she started to talk to me and tell me all kinds of stuff and interviewing me about where i was from etc. Then she gave me her bento box that she bought telling me that I could have it cause she had bought it but wasn't hungry any more (it was unopened). So I gladly recieved it from her :)  so the train ride was succecfull.
I arived at Kyoto Eki at aprox. 1 p.m. and was met by my other aquaintance, Miho, and her friends and boyfriend.
We were going to go immediately to Kiyomizudera (Kiyomizu= clear water, Dera= Budhist temple), so I had to leave my luggage in to a coin locker at the station and after that we took the buss. It was an amazing tempel indeed. Large mainbuilding, pilars the size of whole trees, stones aranged according to zen teachings, the whole nine yards.
We spent about an hour there and it was amazing, truly amazing. From there we took the bus back towards Kyoto city center and we all went to eat at a ramen restuarant (ramen = Chinese noodle ).
Me and Miho
From there on we split our ways. The other people went to their respective homes and places and me, Miho and his boyfriend went to Kyoto station to pick up my stuff. After that, Miho and his boyfriend took the train from the station and went home where as I started heading to my Ryokan. I'm staying at Matsubaya Ryokan and recomend it warmly. The staff speaks english and will help you with anything, even the most smallest thing.
A ryokan is an Japanese style in which means that the rooms are like the ones that japanese people used, and still do, to live in. There is usualy an Futon that you sleep on and the floor is tatami.
I went out for a stroll in the evening to see what the surroundings were like. I live near the station so its allways a big plus. 

NB.please forgive me my gramatical mistakes, I'm usualy writing this in a hury and while I'm tired. Plus the keyboard in Japan is a bit different.