Thursday, December 8, 2011

Upcoming trip. Destination: Japan

So finaly my wating is about to come to an end. I'm wery exited to finaly travel alone somewhere and of all the places, to Japan! 
I've been to Sweden and Estonia as any normal Finn. I've also been to Spain and Bosnia and herzegovina with my school, which by the way rocked ass!
So now it's time for Japan and I'm specially exited because I've now started this blog that I always wanted to do. 
So you might be wondering how i came up with the idea to go to Japan, well it's simple. 
I have had an genuine intrest for traveling and exploring places, cultures etc. and me and my buddy came upp an idea on the 8th or 9th grade that we should travel to Japan, and it sort of stuck in my head for the years to come. 
So here I am in the present with my flights booked, ryokans arranged (accomodation) etc. 
I have aranged everything alone and i can tell you, it feels great!
I have a contact person in Japan called Miho-san, she is an outsandig person, truly friendly and funny. She will help me if there is something i need. 

As for my plan, I'm starting with arriving at Narita airport on the 28th of december. Narita lays near Tokyo and is the most common airport used by foreigners in Japan. 
From Narita I will take the train to Isawa Onsen in yamanashi prefecture, there I will stay for a couple of days as a couch surfer, sleeping at an host from Japan. And from there i will leave on the 30th to Kyoto. I'm staying in two different Ryokans (Ryokan=Japanese guest houses) for that "authentic Japanese feel".  In Kyoto i will spend my new year and most of my time in Japan. Here I will also meet upp with Miho, with whoom I'll allso be making a quick trip to Osaka that lays near Kyoto.  On the 5th of january I will leave Kyoto and  head towards Tokyo where I will spen my last remaining day in Japan. I leave Tokyo on the morning of the 6th of january and take the train to Narita and from there take the flight bake home to sweet sweet home. 
I will be uppdating my blog and posting information DAILY when I'm in Japan so be shure to folow me on my jorney.