Saturday, December 24, 2011

Traveling soon

So I've got things ready to go and honestly, I'm nervous.
I got my JR-Pass voucher last monday and I'm totaly ready to go to Japan. [JR-Pass = Japan Railway Pass, It comes in 7 days-,14 days- and 21 days-passes and they allow you unlimited use of the JR company's trains, subways/metros, busses and even some ferries. NB! The JR-Pass can only be purchased outside of Japan, for more detail visit their website at:, or just google JR-Pass/Japanese Railways]
Me and my JR-Pass
So yeah, nervous as hell, but also very, very excited. I've had a great Christmas eve with my family and there is still christmas day left and 2nd day Christmas and then I'm of. Don't know how I'll manage to endure the waiting.