Thursday, December 29, 2011

First and second day

Day 1
Finaly, it's departure time.
My flight started from Helsinki-vantaa airport. The first flight was to Munich in Germany and it took about
two and a half hours. They served some mushy "crepe" with coffee and or other beverages during the flight. Then it was the longest part of the trip, the twelve-hour flight from Munich to Narita. I did't get any sleep so it really helped to have movies and croswords to do during the  flight, and also its allways a good idea to bring own snacks to the flight even if they serve on the flight as well. Something to drink is allso great because the air from the aircondinton is pretty dry. They served Japanese food during the flight towards Narita, it was delicious for flightfood.
So The next day 28.12. I arived to Narita airport and the wheter was just perfect! And here's the best part, As you know, I traveled alone so I got a real independent fealing when I went and changed mny voucher for my JR pass. I'm telling you, If its your first time in Japan, take the Train! seriously! the senerys will blow you away!
I bought a bento box on my way to
Isawa onsen
So i took a train (N'EX) from Narita to Shinjuku where I was going to change trains to go to Isawa onsen.
While I was waiting for the train i bought my Bento for my trip and a Macha povderd tea. [Macha=Green tea](tarkista ennen julkasuu)
So I hadent slept in over 24 hours and it started to show in the train, but i got through the trip.
When I arivedat Isawaonsen station, I was met by my host from CS community and from there we went to her house. There I met her parents and grand parents [In Japan it's customery to eighter visit your parents or have them coming over to you], they were amazed that I knew a bit of Japanese. (writers note: I'm self learnd in japanese so I don't speak japanese so well but I understand it beter than I speak it.).
My futon bed
A bit later me and her brothers friend went to an ONSEN ! My first experience and it was an Rotenburo onsen that means that it was a hot spring pool outside with a view. So you can imagine that it felt very awsome. So if your visiting Japan, have it on your "to do list"!!!

Later that day we ate and talked very much, and I even played a bit of "Wheres waldo" translated to Japanese. When I went to sleep i noticed that it was very cold in the room so i slept with a good layer of clothes on. They had laid me a futon :)

I'll post tomorow of my new adventures to the fish market where Mizukis (the host) father will  take me at 6.00 a.m. Japanese time

NB. Sorry I havent posted this immediately when I wrote it but the internet wasnt working. 
When im in kyoto ill try harder. Here are, as you can imagine, no internet cafes and I still havent asked the parents for the password.