Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 7

Today I woke upp again at about 9 a.m. because today I was going to my friends, Mihos, house for dinner and stuff. So took a quick shower and left for the station when I realized that I had no idea at what  time I was suposed to come, she had texted me telling that I should take the 10 o'clock train but she had forgoten to say a.m. or p.m. so I tried to confirm that and when I got it sorted out (a.m. it was) it was too late for that train so I had to take a new one. This is the funny part, I asked from a ticket officer which train would take me to Ritto and they said the train leaving now from platform 2 and I took it. Well after a while the train stoped for about an half hour because of some problems caused by the strong winds. Well then we continued on and on till I got a bit suspicious and called Miho. Funny part: I had taken the wrong damn train!!!!! F*CK!
Well this is where I promote the greatness and sovereignity of the JR Pass, I just hoped to the next train and whent backwards and then took the correct train (this time as instructed by Miho).
If I hadn't had the JR Pass it would had been very expencive. Well finaly I arive at Ritto and Miho and her father and BF come and pick me up from the station. We ate Sukiyaki at her place (delicious btw) and chatted a bit with the family and her boyfriend and other friend. Well then came, to my great surprise, the time to leave to an illumination show at a park somwhere far away from Ritto. We drove for about 1 and a half hour by car and meanwhile me, Miho, her boyfriend,sister and her friend played UNO. Yes, UNO!
It was fun since I didn't imagine that
they'd know UNO aswell.  Well any who we arived to an amusement park slash shopping outlet (combination) from where we bought our tickets to the illumination show and allso from where we took the bus towards the place (10 min ride). Arived there and was near to shit bricks when I saw what awaited us there. Seas of light and wonder! It was a big park and nearly everywhere was lights hanging in a fashionable maner, it was breath takingly beautiful. It was geting late so we took and ate and then continued on exploring this huge park. there was a tunnel of light, made by hangin lights in an arch in a continues maner creating thus a tunnel. Well we left about 8 p.m. and as I was a bit tired, I slept the whole drive back to Ritto and took the train back to Kyoto at about 11p.m. And I tell you, it was a bit cold.
From the station I walked to my ryokan and went straight to bed. I had to wake up early the next day.