Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 8

Osaka Jo
Woke up 8 a.m. to take a quick shower and then to pack my stuff. I was going to change my ryokan  to another ryokan called Station ryokan seiki (it's an OK place but deffinetly recommend the Matsubaya ryokan more) Well anyway, I ate again at the french Deli my breakfeast and left from there to the ryokan. It was a very small one indeed. 3 floors and on each floor there was about 3 to 4 rooms. Well left my stuff there and went finaly to a new mall for a change and bought from there an biker jacket (fake leather I supose but I liked it so, what the hell...) and then went back to change it on. From there on I went to eat some Curry at a CoCoIchibaya chain curryhouse. I had as an apetizer the chickenbit sallad and then as mains I had the chicen cutlet curry, DELICIOUS ! NOM NOM NOM.
My room at the ryokan
I went to a internet cafe just next to the restuarant and check'd up a couple of things.  Well I barely managed to get me and my full stomach to the station and took the tran for Shin Osaka where Mihos boyfriend lived. He, I and Miho were going to Osaka. I had to wait a bit because I was a bit early. Then when they both had arived we left to Osaka to se the Osaka Jo (Jo= Castle). It was HUGE!!!! friggin' huge. Well we spent a good while there and went inside for the museum and then after that we walked to the next JR station (you can only use the JR pass on JR trains, busses etc and they are found at their own stations). This is where I, Jesper and Miho said our final goodbyes cause we are not going to meet untill the next time I'll come to Japan. It was geting late when I arived to Kyoto (about  6 p.m.) so I went to eat at a Soba place (Soba=buckwheat noodles, a bit like pasta), I had the pork curry soba. It was great!
A Pachinko arcade
So then I tought for a while what to do next and decided to go to the AEON mall nearby. I spent a good while there. I went back to the internet cafe and wrote this and after this I'll propably go to my ryokan to sleep.
Crêpe truck