Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 6

Yesturdays partying had It's toll on me and I woke up at 10.20~ish at the morning and went to the same french deli to have a filled bauguete and coffee (and lots of water) from there I went to tour the city by foot again. Went to again another temple (there are a lot and all, bit different so it doesn't matter if you've been to one allready). This temple had two great halls and was very high and beautiful.
Kyoto imperial palace (infront of)
From there I went to a nearby Japanese restuarant where I ate"Katsudon" which is fried pork on rice, in a bowl. As always it was delicious but also a bit weird cause I suspect that they had aded miso soup to the eggmixture that was laid on top, and to be honest, the fish tasting miso soup is not reall my cup of tea. The meal costed about 600 yen and after paying I headed towards Kyoto sta. From there I took (for the first time ever in Japan) the subway/metro to a station near the Kyoto Imperial palace. So from the station I walked to the imperial gardens and it was breath takingly beautiful. Trees, ponds, small shrines, bridges, rocks the whole shebang! The imperial garden surrounds the imperial palace to where it's off limits. But I couldn't have cared less for the palace because the gardens were so beautifull. from there i walked all the way back towards my ryokan and went to the busy shoping arcade/street and spent a good while there. I ate there a bit of pasta carbonara and had coffee at an cafe (just as a by the way, there are a lot of starbucks and mcdonalds's here). From there I walked again to Gion and spent the rest of my evening exploring the surroundings and old buildings there. then I came back to my ryokand put my camera battery to load and then came to the computer to update my blogg. Still going to take a bath before retiering to bed.

A bit of topic but I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed my stay and experience here in Japan. The vending mashines are totaly awsome!!! They are everywhere (not kidding) outside and inside temples, at every corner etc. They sell coffee, soda, water etc. There are machines for alcohol and tobako also (and much, much more).  Oh and one more thing. I heard from my brother that there was an earhquacke outside Tokyo, didn't feel a thing here cause it's so long from  Kyoto to Tokyo.