Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 11, home

Woke up at 6 a.m.
I took a shover and packed my stuff and then we left. He acompanied me to Tokyo station and then we said our goodbyes and I took the N'EX from there to Narita terminal 1. The departure terminal was far more larger than the ariving terminal so I was a bit intimidated at first, wondering where my flight would leave from. But finaly I found the gate and went through the checks and was on my way to Zürich where I was to make a 4 hour stop before continuing to Helsinki. Didn't sleep again on the 12 hour flight from Narita to Zürich. When I arived at the airport in Switzerland, I immediatly called my friend Henri who was coming home on the same day and about the same time as I. When he came I had allready ate at Burger king's because he was coming a bit later that I had expected. But then we went and looked around in the dutyfree shops and I bought some swiss pasterys that Henri had once before introduced me to and they ar delicious delectables.
We went to have a beer to celebrate our boths succesed trips. Then when Henris flight (which departed an hour before mine) was boarding passangers we said our goodbye's and separated for now.
The beer made me really drowsy and had a hard time keeping awake (hadn't slept in 21 hours). Then I had to get my boarding pass from the gate counter
and the staff came just an half hour before the plane was leaving so I got a bit nervous if I was going to make it. Well I got even more anxious when the gentleman inforn of me took his damn good time at the counter and it was 20 min before the flight was leaving when I finaly got to speak with the staff. Well then they had trouble finding my ticket or something at first so after 5 minutes of waiting the plane started boarding passanger and I started to fret and panic. Finally 10 minutes before the departure they gave me my pass and I got in the plane. The lift off was delayed by 10 min because of some minor difficaulties. When it finaly left I fell a sleep for a while and under the whole flight jumpt in and out of conciousness because of the sleapyness and beer combined :) Well ariving at Helsinki-Vantaa airport on time and then from there to claim my bagagge. Took a firggin loong time before mine came and then my brother came to pick me up. So a bit "messy" end for my trip but no worries, the good allways outweighs the bad (definetly in my case). This trip was super succesfull and will definetly go to Japan again.