Saturday, January 7, 2012

day 10

Hi guys sorry for the slow update, been really busy but here it is
day 10.
Today I woke up at 7.30. to do my final packing because I'm going to TOKYO today :) Feeling really excited!
View of mt.fuji
I took a quick shower and went to the internet café to check up a persons phone numer. I was going to couch surf my last day at a dude called Shoichi. Well after that I went to get my ticets thinking that I still had time for breakfeast but oh no I didn't. The train was about to leave and I had to rush and I still didn't make it, so the next train it was. But the good part was that it came only after 20 minutes and in that time I had gone to buy myself something to drink and a boxed bento for my train ride. Oh and allso a special Kyoto cake for Shoichi as an thank you. I had in plans to give Mizuki and Miho a gift from Finland, a box of famous Fazer chocolates, but I had no space for them and had to leave them at home. So yeah fail. But instead I bought them something in Japan as an gift. Well my train arived and I was on my way. I was really glad that there was free seats available on the "no reserved seats" car of the train, because on my way from Isawa onsen to Kyoto I had to wait quite a while for a place to sit. But yeah the train ride went great with the help of a coffeinated beverage and my delicious chicken hamburger patty bento. And the train ride was so much fun, the scenes were amazing as allways, I even saw Mt.Fuji (largest mountain of Japan, an old volcano, UNESCO site) for my second time, from afar but still beutifull. My first time was at Isawa onsen when we were going to the market place with Mizukis father. We saw it then from the car because the wether conditions were so good.
It was allso awsome to see that the train went through a few different "climate zones" during the ride. For those who did not know, Japan has actually 6 different "climate zones" because of it's stringbean form reaching from north to south, this I know because I have studied Japans geography as a project in school (got a 10 from it btw). I went through a kind of septeber'ish scenery and then it changed to a full on winter storm outside with lots and lots of snow and then back to a kind of september'ish scene again.
I arrived at Tokyo station at 2 p.m. and had to wait for a hour for Shoichi who was runing a bit late. When he finaly arived and we had done our formal gratings, I went to put my stuff to a coin locker for safekeeping and frome there we went to eat ramen with him. This time I had the salt ramen which was cocked in just salty water and with meat juices. It was NAM NAM. From there we took the subway/metro and went to the Asakusa wich is a very famous shrine in Tokyo. It was filled with people and vendors. We looked around for a while and then we tooked the subway/metro to Akihabara (the electric city as it is allso called or Denki-cho in Japanese). It's a part of the city where they sell a lot of electronic equipment but is allso known for it's Otaku (Otaku= a kind of a nerd) shops and maid cafés. Well we had a litle looksie around there and I ended up buying a ceramic knife and a bento box (the container it self, not the ones with food inside of them) and a scarf allso. I must admit that I went to a maid cafe just for the experience (they are usually for the litle perverted and a litle nerdy persons). Its was a bit embaracing to go there and I laughed a lot because they are dressed up as maids and they call you master and have all these mimics and gimics like that they act like cats by ending every sentance with the word ~nyan (for example " thank you~nyan") and then we had to put our hands in a paw like fashion and say nyan nyan, if we had something to say to the "maids", like an order or such. It was at the point of embaracing that it allmost was humiliating. But hey,  "when in rome..." right? So from there on we still strolled the streets for a while and then went lastly to the famous Tokyo tower (or as I like to call it "the japanese eiffel tower"). It was enormous!!! and beutifull.
We bought the ticets to get inside and to go up to the very top and from there the view was breath taking. The nightlife of Tokyo laid beneath us and it was just a perfect ending for a perfect last day. From there we went back to Tokyo station to get my stuff and then we went to Shoichis house. On our way he stoped to the conviniance store and bought some ingrediants for tonight. We ate at Shoichis and a while after went to sleep. He had school the next day so we had to wake up early, 6 a.m., so that we had time to prepeare us.