Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 9

Uenokoji park
The five story padoga
Yet another early morning, but this time I had screwed up and made it a really early one. I had put the alarm on for 7 a.m. and since I had no desires what so ever to go out at such an early hour I continued to snooze for an hour and a half until I finaly decided to get up, get washed and get out. I walked once more to that same old french deli (Delifrance is the name, don't know why I have not earlier posted the name.) and had the same delicious morning set menu. From there, after a bit of streching out, I went to the Umenokoji park for a walk (very beutiful place) and from there to the Toji shrine, or temple (or what ever, can't remember) and looked around there for a while. It's the home for Kyotos most famous five story padoga [padoga = a sort of tower] .At about 1 p.m. I started to get hungry and went to that COCO... Curry place to have the same meal that I ate yesturday that I told you about in my blog. Why? Duh' because it was so friggin' Delicious that I wanted to have it again.  After finishing eating I went to the internet cafe to check a couple of things for tomorow, when I'm going to Tokyo (finaly). From there I set of for a mall and then from there headed for the shoping arcade/street again. Because I like the atmosphere here so much I usualy walk as you have propably noticed. There is a unic fealing to it. There are so many things that I have fallen in love whith while in Japan, for ex. at first I tought that it was stupid or unecesary to have an electric warmed toilet seat (in most of the toilets there is), but after visiting a few I've come to love these because the toilets can be prety cold from time to time. Then there are the trains, busses and the subway/metro that can be found anywhere and will go allmost anywhere you need. In finland we only have one subway line that divides to two and it is only in Helsinki, nowhere else, but here... here there are tens of lines and allmost in every big city (tokyo, osaka, kyoto etc.) Amazing !!! Last but not least there is the local cuisine, strange (but delicious) at first, afterwards you almost can't live without it.
Back to the story. From the shoping district I came backwards and poped in to a donut butique and bought a couple of donuts for later and then headed to the internet cafe to write this.
Going later on straight to bed for a good nights sleep because tomorow it's Tokyo baby !
Reporting from Kyoto, bye!