Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hakodate; Devastation hits my wallet!?

Today I left Aomori around 12 a.m. after eating a very hearty breakfast at my hotel in Aomori and some shopping near the station.

My train ride took circa 2 hours and we passed a undersea tunnel to get to the island of Hokkaido.
So I might never have tried the to go by train from France to Great Britain but at least I have this.

After arriving I did the usual, ditched my stuff to my accommodation, this time I am staying in a Pension Bed&Breakfast. (don't really know why it has both namings but hey, it's Japan right?)

I then went to look around the redbrick house district. Hakodate is an old port town with a lot of influences from foreign countries and it goes a long way back in History.
This fact can best be seen in the buildings and in the existence of churches (roman catholic, Russian Orthodox, Episcopalian, etc.).

I walked around for a while, had a coffee and browsed the stores there.
I then went back to my B&B to take a shower and ask for directions to a good Kaitenzushi or Sushi-Go-Around restaurant and then headed out to do some more sightseeing.

I went and saw all of the famous above mentioned churches and I also wanted to see the old town hall but they were having some kind of world village type of festival there so I could not enter.

So as I walked on I was getting hungry and decided to go now to the sushi restaurant.
It was so DELICIOUS! I love sushi, though I am no fanatic. There are still a lot more delicious food in Japan than mere Sushi but still, it was great.

I wanted to end my night by going to the mountain observatory to see the night time city from high above. Before that I was to go and withdraw some money from the 7eleven nearby.
That is when things started going south. I must have punched in my PIN three times wrong since it was now saying that my card was invalid. Well .... Gee thanks.

So I then returned to my B&B after calling the 7eleven from the store and getting the news that there was nothing they could do.

So I am facing now a bit of a problem money wise. I will still be able to eat and sleep thanks to my budgeting and prior withdrawals. I will probably be just fine.

But tomorrow I am of to Sapporo so I don't mind that I could not see the night view, though it would surely have been amazing.