Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Recap of the past 3 days, Takaoka travels!

I left Hakodate on the 10th at 3 p.m. because I didn't have any time for Sapporo and didn't want to stay in Hakodate anymore. So I hopped on the train and arrived to Takaoka at 11 p.m. where Yoshimi, my host, came to get me.
It was so hot outside even though it was already dark, I only now realize how much cooler Hokkaido region is.

The next day we didn't have anything planed so I slept late and waited for Yuko and Yoshimi to come home. When they both had arrived we ate and since Yoshimi still had work to do, she soon left back to work. Me and Yuko went to the supermarket to by some groceries, I had promised to make some simple food later on and to bake some cinnamon rolls. 

When we came back we started to make the dough so that it would have time to rise. I like to bake and to cook so this was a fun experience.
The cinnamon rolls turned out great and the pasta sauce also.
Later on Yoshimi returned home and we all ate with great appetite  before heading out to the Suiryuji temple where we had visited once before but now it was going to be illuminated.
I wore a Jinbei, Japanese clothes for men, which Yoshimi lent me and Yuko wore a gorgeous Kimono. 

We headed out and took a bus from the mall to the temple.
There were a lot of people going there and later on the reason stood clear in front of me. The temple was gorgeous!!! The illumination changed color every now and then and there were Japanese lanterns along the path to the temple. The wavy patterns of the rock garden was also spectacularly cool in the lighting. 

We hanged around for a while before returning back towards the home where we changed our clothes. Then we decided to go and buy some fireworks and go to a little beach where we lit them up and watch them until they died out. I decided to go and take a swim in the water and Yuko decided to follow my lead.
The water was super salty and there was apparently some jelly-fish in the sea as well and Yuko got stung by a couple while I was left almost untouched, only one sting! Hahah, poor Yuko. 

We then headed back home and showered and had a little drinking party. 

The next day was kind of a repetition of the day before, since we had no plans and we stayed home, made some food, rented some movies and drank.

I have been moving around so much and doing so much sight seeing lately that this was like a godsend to me, plus I had SO MUCH FUN! I will miss them all so much!!!!!

Today I left Takaoka after saying my goodbyes to both Yoshimi and Yuko. I then took the train to Tokyo where I just wanted to stay put for this day. So that is basically all that I have done today.
Tomorrow I will go and see a movie and go around town with my friend and the day after that, though I am not 100% sure, I will go to mt. Fuji. Whether I will climb it or not I am still not sure. 

Thanks for reading!