Friday, August 16, 2013

Tokyo to Nagoya (My last day in Japan)

Today I am going back to Nagoya but before that I wanted to go and run an errand for my brother at the Brand-x record store in Higashi Ikebukuro so I set of after breakfast.

I got all the way to Ikebukuro station without any problems but from there on I feel like this day has just not gone my way. 

I tried to find the place for like 1 hour, first going to Sunshine city where they said that the place I was looking for was not there. 

So I asked the police that were walking by and they helped me a bit but then I finally found it after finally asking a local Family Mart convenience store and getting the right direction.

I went in and soon found out that it was a store only for Japanese metal music. No "foreign" metal bands were to be found so I went back to Asakusa to my hostel a bit annoyed.

I took my luggage and headed of to Tokyo station where I had to rush in to my Shinkansen to get on board before it left, and let me tell you that it was CLOSE to that I didn't make it. 

I arrived soon in Nagoya and went to find my hostel which was inside a Hotel, that caused a bit of confusion at the info and when I was searching for it.

Well at least I am here and that is all that matters. I went out and did a bit of shopping and now I will sleep and tomorrow after breakfast, I will finally be flying back to Finland. 

I want to extend my gratitude to all the Couch Surfing hosts that have hosted me, without you my trip would have been very lonely. Special thanks to Yoshimi and Yuko!!!! Love you guys! 

Also big thanks to you, the readers, who have followed me and read my earthly scribbles. 

Robert (TravelersPOV)

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