Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hot spring bath in Beppu

Today was a day to take off all the sightseeing. I wanted to relax and since it is a hot spring town, you can guess what was to come next. 
The view from the hill down to the port

We woke around 11 a.m. and skipped breakfast and just ate Lunch instead. My host had to go to work and I was of to my hostel that was near Beppu station.

So I took the train to Beppu station and walked 7 minutes to the Khaosan Beppu hostel. I left my luggage in the room and put my videos to upload and made myself ready to go out.

Today I only had 2 things planed. Nr.1 Go to Hyotan Onsen, hot spring and nr. 2 To meet up with my host at the You Me mall at the Port near the Beppu station.

I took the bus from Beppu station to the Onsen-jigoku mae stop where I went yesterday to walk to the hot spring hell's. From there I walked a short distance to the Hyotan Onsen. There was a supermarket nearby so I went and bought myself an Ice-cream and ate it before going in to the onsen.

This onsen was a great choice since it is cheap, but in price only not in anything else which is a big plus, and it has many different types of onsen inside that you can try. And let me tell you IT WAS GREAT!

I just love the hot springs here in Japan. It might be because of my love towards saunas and these are the next best thing around here.

I spent gladly a lot of time here until I finally got up and went to change. I sat in the cooled room for a while before moving since it is recommended to do so after the baths. 

Hopped on the bus and of to Beppu station I was. I walked to the nearby Starbucks to kill 30 minutes before going to meet my host there for some diner. 

We went to a restaurant that sold udon, soba and other noodle dishes. I had the Curry soba noodles served in a hot pot with extra meat topping.
<-Check out this mother 

It was DELICIOUS. I have probably made it clear but I just love the curry dishes here. They are not the typical Indian flavor but I'd say that they are of the Japanese flavor rather. 

After eating we walked around the shopping mall and then I returned to my hostel to wash my clothes and to make preparations for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am of to Kagoshima from where I will take the ferry to Yakushima Island the day after tomorrow. Yakushima is a very famous Island known for its nature and it has been named as an UNESCO sight because of it.