Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Welcome to "HELL"; Beppu hot spring hell's!

Today it was time to kiss sweet Nagasaki goodbye as I will next venture on to Beppu.
We ate breakfast together with my host and then got a ride to the station by her mom. I bought my ticket and said my goodbyes and thus I was of towards Beppu.
making some rearrangements 

Soon after arriving in Beppu station I left my luggage to the coin lockers, got myself a map of the city, bought a 2 day bus ticket and I was of to see the famous Hot spring Hell's of Beppu.

The weather was very humid and spoke of the sea nearby. The bus was cool and refreshing and I really enjoyed the ride to the hot springs.

I got of and walked to the first one that was called Mizujigoku.
There are altogether 8 hot spring hell's in Beppu and you can by a ticket that is valid to all 8, this is what I did. 

The pictures will do more justice than my words so I'll put them here below in the order as I visited them 
From a different angle

They had multiple springs in this one 
Yama-jigoku had also a few animals like hippos, monkeys, llamas etc.
At Kamado-jigoku
Kamado -jigoku 
The famous crocodiles of Oniyama-Jigoku
It took me a couple of hours to clear them but since they close at 17:00 I didn't have time to see the last one.

I returned with the bus to the Beppu station where I ate and since my meeting time with my host for today was around 12p.m. I still had a lot of time to use.  So I went for a walk around the small downtown area and lastly went to spend 3 hours at the Internet cafe. Love those, really love those!

After that I still had some time so I sat and read at the station my book of collected novels by H.P.Lovecraft. He is one of my favorite authors. 

I met up with my host and we went to his apartment. Tomorrow I will go to a hostel in Beppu since I had already booked it for tomorrow prior to my arrangements with my host.