Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Last day in Fukuoka, driving by beaches and having fun at the shopping mall!

SO today was my last day here in Fukuoka and tomorrow I am of to KYOTO! Yes, oh Yes!
Kyoto is one of my favorite cities here in Japan and has so much to offer.  Looking forward for tomorrow.

Today I woke at 8 a.m. in order to get myself in order to meet another CS:er from Fukuoka, Yuka, who was going to show me around here with her friend.

We met at the Shimoyamato station where they pick'd me up with the car and from there we were of to tour the coastal areas. It was so beautiful and the air there was not so warm since the ocean really cooled it down pretty well.

We walked on one of the beaches for a while until returning to the car again to go to a little town which I don't remember the name of. There we took a little tour boat to see the sea and a very cool mountain rock formation from the sea. We even entered a cave with the boat and it just looked so spectacular.

I know I use the words wonderful, Amazing and spectacular a LOT but what can I do since it is just the simple truth.

So from there we then went to eat, we were all getting very hungry since no one of us had eaten any breakfast.

We ate some Zaru soba (Soba) at a local store and then we left the car to a nearby parking lot and continued with the subway to go to the Fukuoka canal city again.

I wanted to visit there again since yesterday I didn't have the time or energy to look it completely and thoroughly through. I had heard that they had a Moomin cafe there and since I am from Finland I just HAVE to visit it.

We found it and it was so nostalgic! It brought me back memories from when I was a kid. I loved moomin back then!

They had a souvenir shop and a cafe part in there and I just loved how they made the food look like moomin characters and they even topped the cold coffee and tea drinks with a moomin character made with cocoa powder.

We talked a lot about Finland and I even learnt Yuka and her friend some Finnish with the help of a pointing phrase book they had at the cafe (amazing right).

The day continued with more exploring of the shopping mall complex. We went to game centers, stores etc.
It got late before we new it and we started to return towards Tenji where Yuka was going to meet her father for dinner. We said our goodbyes and I went to eat to the Yoshinoyas near the station.
Yoshnoya is one of the many Donburi chain restaurants in Japan. Donburi is a meal consisting of a rice bowl with various toppings. These chain restaurants have usually just the option of pork or beef as the topping for the bowl. They are cheep and very delicious and filling places to eat at.

I then took the subway to my station and returned to my hosts house.

Today was a lot of fun and tomorrow is going to be probably more fun. Who knows.
I had to make a last minute hostel booking which turned out to be quite hard but thanks to my hosts here I found one soon.

That kind of stuff.
Thanks for reading, I hope you comment and subscribe to my blog and hope to have you with me tomorrow as well. Check out also my YouTube channel for my daily videos HERE!