Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Towards Kurobe Gorge

So today I slept in, I slept until 11 a.m. 

We started almost immediately our trip towards Kurobe Gorge once we had drank our coffee with Yuko.
We had some lunch at my favorite curry restaurant here in Japan, Coco Ichibaya. It was so delicious !

We were moving by car so it didn't take so long to arrive to Unazuki from where the torokko train departed towards kurobe gorge. We only stopped once at a service station to get some drinks. 
Once we arrived in Unazuki we bought the train tickets but had still some time before the train left so we toured the town for a while. 

The train ride in itself was so amazing! I have no words for how beautiful the scenery was, the ride took 1,5 hours but the time just flew by while watching at the beautiful view. 

There were permanent Ice covered mountain walls, high mountains surrounding blue green waters, water falls    etc.
Permanent Ice

Once we had arrived to the last stop we walked around the mountain path that lead from the station along the river. The river was flowing so rapidly by and looked so refreshing and majestic. I would have loved to go and swim there for a bit. 

The time we had at that end was a bit short since the last train left at 17.25 so we had only a bit more than 1 hour to spend there.
I highly recommend to visit this place with more time to spare at the other end since there is so much to see at that end as well but the train ride in itself was already worth the trip!  Plus we had time to look around in the mountains so it was a good day. It didn't rain and it was not so hot in the mountains since the river kept the air cool together  with the shadow of the mountains. 
We then took the train backwards and started to return to my hosts house. We were home late and we were getting hungry with Yuko so we decided to go eat something after we had arrived back to my hosts, Yoshimis, house. 

I took my clothes to the coin laundry to dry since I had washed them in the morning and forgotten them there. 
While the clothes were drying in the machine we left to eat some sushi at the nearby kaiten zushi (Sushi Go-Around). 

It was good as always, It had really been a great day today!
Tomorrow I'm of towards HIROSHIMA!!!!!! I can't wait but I also feel a bit sad that I have to leave here again :)
Beautiful sunset 
You can look towards tomorrows video, I'm sure there will be a lot to see!