Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Back to Kanazawa and Takaoka!

Today I had a early wake up! I woke up at 6.45 to take a shower and then to leave Osaka for Kanazawa.

I got on the train early and had time to go and shop some breakfast and some Jasmine earl grey tea for the train ride. 
Kanazawa station

I arrived early to Kanazawa, somewhere around 11 o'clock and went to find a coin locker for my stuff which seemed impossible at first since every big locker was already taken inside the station so I had to leave my luggage at the nearby mall. 

I then walked around to a shopping arcade to kill some time before my friend would come to Kanazawa.
It was fun since the market was full of people and different foods. 
I then went to a near by shopping mall before returning to Kanazawa station to meet Yuko. 
A house covered with gold leaf paper
We then went together to Higashi chayagai to look at the old houses, gold leaf craft works and to just generally enjoy the scenery. It was amazing and I would recommend it to everyone that visit Kanazawa or is in the near vicinity!

We spent a lot of time there before going to "Ninja dera" or "ninja temple" as it has been named by the locals. It's actual name is Myoryuji and has nothing to do with ninjas but since it has a lot of secret doors and traps it got that nickname.
The traps and hidden doors were installed because the current shogunate at that time had forbidden any building to be more than two stories high but since it was in fact four stories high but made to look as it was two, they had to make sure that the shoguns spies would not be able to enter. 

It was so cool! I seriously recommend it to anyone that has time to visit.
We spent a good while there so then we walked towards Kanazawa station. It took quite long but it was a good walk and we saw a lot of stuff while we walked. 

Well my host in Kanazawa had not yet answered me so I had to take the matters to my own hands and I asked my previous host if she could host me in Takaoka (Kubo-san) and she said it was ok !
I was so glad!!

So Yuko drove us there with her car and from there we went to a Izakaya (Japanese Pub) to eat and drink a bit. 
Then we went to the convenience store to by some drinks and went to her place and that is where I currently am ! 

Tomorrow I am of to Nagano !