Friday, July 5, 2013

Rain clouds over Hakuba, time for Matsumoto !

Beautiful view in Hakuba 
So today I woke up and had some breakfast with my host early in the morning.
It was really pouring outside and I had not yet decided where I wanted to go today, though I had many ideas.
We brainstormed for a while and could not come to a conclusion before my host had to leave for work so I was left alone with my thoughts.
As I drank my coffee and browsed the internet I decided that it was going to be Matsumoto.
Matsumoto is known for it's castle and since I had not much time to spend today, that was enough for me.

The trains operate so seldom and take a long time from Hakuba to Matsumoto so I could only stay there for two and a half hours before I had to leave so that I could still make it for the dinner we were all supposed to have at my hosts house.

As I arrived to the station it was already 2 p.m. and I was hungry like crazy!
The amazing Matsumoto castle 
So I went to the upper floor of the stations own shopping mall and ate some delicious Curry katsu udon. Truly tasteful and filling.
From there I continued by foot towards the castle so that I could take in the surroundings in peace.

The castle was truly amazing and the surroundings were really peaceful and beautiful. I only wish that I had had more time to spend in Matsumoto since there were a couple of places and museums I would have loved to go and see.

I then walked through the Nawate street on my way back towards the station. Nawate street is a little street with a long history in Matsumoto. Stone paved and full of tiny shops selling various goods the Nawate street is just a wonderful place to stroll through.

I soon returned to the station and was on my way with the trains towards Hakuba.
It takes approximately 2 hours and a bit more to get there so I took a little nap on the way.
I had checked the times earlier so I just set the timer in my mobile so that I would not oversleep. This is why I like the Japanese trains, they are almost always on time!

When I arrived I just took it easy. Soon after my host had came back home we started the food preparations since her friends were coming over.
The evenings special guest
We had so much fun and ate tons of good food.
We ate some Soumen (chilled very thin Japanese wheat noodles) and some meats and vegetables coocked over a heated stone in the living room. It was great!
We talked a lot and everybody really enjoyed the evening,

So tomorrow I'm of to Tottori to see the dunes and meet my friend who I met in Finland (Yu). The train ride is going to be 7 HOURS!!!! long but it does not matter much to me since I can sleep.

So thanks again for reading and a big thank you for the people of AMERICA and JAPAN and of course FINLAND who have been reading my blog.
I would like to ask you to comment on my posts and leave suggestions and of course, to share it with other people.