Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cat cafes and octopus-balls and much more! Osaka day 2.

So today was a fun day but I didn't really do as much as I wanted.

I woke up at 8 a.m. to take a shower. Somehow I managed to spend 3 hours at the hostel before leaving since I took my sweet time drinking my coffee and shaving.
A hotel in Namba
I said my goodbyes to the two American guys who I had met the evening before since they were leaving before me. They were going to Seoul in South Korea! Really awesome, I bet they are gonna have an awesome time there.

Once I had dropped my luggage of at the Osaka station I headed towards Namba and Dotonboori again.
I ate at Yoshinoyas before going anywhere. Yoshinoya sells these really amazing and cheap rice bowls with beef on top and they are a chain restaurant so they are almost everywhere. BUDGET TIP! If your cash is running low and you don't want to constantly eat cup noodles go to them or the other similar chain restaurant like Matsya, Sukiya etc. since they are really cheap, really good and filling! The food costs around 350-600 yen usually.
Kuromon market

So anyhow, I continued where I stopped yesterday and after a couple of turns here and there I decided to go to the famous Kuromon market street.
It was full of different kinds of foods, both fresh and packed. They sold daily necessities and kitchen utensils etc.

I was getting a bit tired of walking so I decided to go to a cat cafe that they had recommended in the tourist map. For those who do not know what a cat cafe is, let me explain. Basically it is a store with a lot of cats that you can pet and sit with while having something to drink, no food is served there.
At the cat cafe! 
It was called Ragdoll and I highly recommend a visit there since it is a very relaxing and the cats there are so cute.
It costed ONLY a 1000 yen for 1 H and it included a free drink (coffee or tea) and some treats for the cats.
The time just flew by since A, I was tired and B, the atmosphere was so relaxed.

The Tsutenkaku
I then headed out to the Shinsekai district in Osaka to look around there. It's pretty famous and is really close to Osakas Den Den town (electric town) Which is similar to Akihabara. I didn't visit since I had already visited Akihabara of course.

I stayed there for a while and walked around the shopping streets and markets and even bought myself some Takoyaki (Octopus-balls) which tasted GREAT!

I took the free shuttle bus back to Namba (the same that I had came with to Shinsekai) and then went to eat and to go to the internet cafe before meeting my host in Honmachi stn.

So tonight I'm staying at her place and tomorrow I am of towards Ishikawa.