Monday, July 15, 2013

Killing time in Fukuoka!

So as stated in my last blog I arrived early in the morning back to the Hakata station from the festival and met my host there.

They are really friendly people and have visited Finland actually and know a lot of it! Amazing.
So we walked from the station to the subway and took it to Shimoyamato station from we continued on by foot to their apartment.
I was so tired since I had not slept at all and yesterday was a drinking day. So once I had arrived to their place I took a shower and went to sleep. I slept only 4 hours and oh my good it was hot!

After I had woken up we ate some Yakisoba (fried noodles) that they had bought. It was so good and did a world of good to me since I was super hungry at the moment. After a long night it tends to get that way .

So I then planed what to do today and so I went to the city to spin around for a while.
I went to the Hard rock Cafe, Fukuoka tower and a park near it. I went also to the Fukuoka canal city which is a really cool shopping mall complex with cool stores and of course the usual Uniqlo, H&M etc.

Fukuoka is a city with only a few sightseeing spots and is not really a popular tourist spot but you can really enjoy yourself here despite that. Plus they have one of the biggest festivals in Japan so if that is not worth coming here for then nothing is.

I seriously had so much fun yesterday that today just does not even start to compare.

I then returned back to Shimoyamato since it was getting dark already and this is where I'll end my short day. Tomorrow I'll meet another Couch Surfer that promised to show me around a bit. It is such a relief to have someone with you since it tends to get kind of boring when you don't have anyone to talk to.