Monday, July 29, 2013

From Tokyo to Nagasaki, the train riders blog.

Today was kind of a short and uninteresting day.
Got up easily at 8-9 to get some breakfast and then I continued to sleep still for one hour.
So I found out today that my phone is dead apparently and wont load but it is not necessarily broken but I can't use it at all!
But I am not really so stressed over it, yet. I will take it to the repair shop in Finland once I get back.

I said my goodbyes to Ako and her family and was of to the Tokyo station to where I arrived late for my train that I had intended to board.
It was not a big deal since I had not bought the tickets yet and I had the JR pass.
So they gave me a new route and I booked seats on two trains.
From there I went to buy myself some bento for the train ride and something to drink.
The first train was from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka. From Shin-Osaka I took another train to Hakata where I was to make my last change.
I missed it of course and asked them when the next would depart and it was departing at 7 p.m. so I had to wait for an hour at the station.
So I bought myself something to eat and after eating decided to go and find out if they had a WiFi spot anywhere so that I could
email my host in Nagasaki that I was going to be late.
It turned out to be hard but I got a lot of help from the attendants of the station. I was so relieved since I had not received my hosts
number and my phone was broken so she could not call me either.

I thanked the station attendants and left to the platform to wait for my train.
It soon came and I was of towards Nagasaki.

So a lot of trouble and bad luck had befallen me already and just as to mock me and mess around with me some more,
life threw yet another obstacle in my way.

Now that I was at the Nagasaki station I did not see my host anywhere and I got nervous. I tried to ask for a WiFi spot but
there was no WiFi spot nearby. So I tried to go to the other side of the street to go and ask from there if they knew any place.
By this time I was already so nervous that I was thinking of options from which I could choose what to do. A hotel, Internet cafe... Etc.

Yet I decided to return to the station and it was such a relief when I saw Hiromi, my host there. She had came a bit late and of course since we have
no way to communicate to each other without the Internet, she couldn't really that message to me.

So it all ended happily, luckily for me.

I met her parents and grandparents and we talked a lot and I felt very much at home!
Tomorrow it is time for Sightseeing and I promised to make some food for them all so we'll see how that goes.
For today there is no video since nothing really happened.