Monday, July 1, 2013

Yes sir, how would you like your Okonomiyaki made? The Osaka Tragicomedy.

So how to start describing today? 

view from the shinkansen
I woke up full of energy at 8.00 a.m. and found that the friendly French guest that stayed at the same dormitory room as me had already woken up before me! I had not heard any noise so unlike the people of yesterday, you guys were awesome! 

After a quick shower I went downstairs to see how my video was doing. I had left my laptop to the employer side to upload the video. I noticed that it had again failed to load so I thought that fine, I'll just upload it now when I am watching it. It took a lot of time and I did a lot in between like reading and eating ramen (since it was already 11.30). Well what do you know, 2% left and it fails yet again!
I just closed my computer and left towards the Tokyo station disappointed. 
I then reserved some seats for myself on board the Shinkansen bluet train bound for Shin-Osaka.

I just love how quick the Shinkansen are, it took only around 3 hours to Shin-Osaka station and from there further 4 minutes to Osaka station by local train. YES! 

I then soon dropped of my luggage at the stations coin locker to go sight seeing in Nambas famous dotonboori street. I thought that that was the best choice since I was supposed to meet my Couch surfing host  later on in the evening at 9 p.m. 
Osaka style Okonomiyaki

I was feeling hungry so I was having trouble on deciding what to eat until I saw a restaurant guide "store" where the person helped me to decide and to find a good restaurant! 
I chose Okonomiyaki!!! 

The place I went to was pretty famous for their Okonomiyaki and you were supposed to make it your self at your own table at your own hot griddle ! It was 
so much fun and tasted delicious. 
(go check YouTube for the vid -> TravelersPOV)

at Dotonboori
When I left I still wandered around the Dotonboori and went to a internet cafe to check my mails. Later on I found it to be a godsend since my host had gotten some urgent last minute hinders from her work place and could not host me for today so I just calmly booked a hostel and went there. I booked the J-Hoppers Osaka hostel which is a really good chain of hostel's in Japan located in 5 cities across japan.
I met two American fellows there and we got along fine and went to eat and drink a bit this evening since I needed a mood lifter!

Tomorrow is still a mystery to me as well so be sure to follow my toils and as always

thanks for reading