Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tottori Sand dunes, the Sushi edition.

So we woke up around 7.30-ish a.m. to eat breakfast before going to the Tottori sand dunes that we had no time for yesterday.
Yesterdays Karaoke was super fun though, and the best part was that they even have English songs, bands by the bundle so that even a foreigner can sing there. And these are not some old moldy songs that they have. No they had recent stuff as well so we sang yesterday a lot, or at least I did.

Yu's mother drove us around and we stooped first at some cool spots with a great view. 
We even climbed down to one of the rocky beaches and I collected some seashells there. It is so weird that the seashells that the have here are so hard. Almost as hard as rock and almost impossible to break by hand. I'll probably use them for decorating later when I get home.
We then drove to the sand dunes and let me tell you, they are well worth their reputation ! 
The sand dunes
I mean, they were just HUGE! and they stretched on pretty far. The air was hot and humid and the walk was a bit hard but the cool breeze that now and then gently blew helped a little. It would have been great to visit when there would have been no rain before arriving to the dunes.
If you are in Tottori I highly recommend visiting the sand dunes and the sand museum with some cool sand sculptures on display.

Camel rides are popular 
SO while at the sand dunes I noticed that I could not find my camera anywhere so we had to find it. So clumsiness strikes again. We asked around the dunes but it was not there so we decided it had to have fallen somewhere in the rocky beach where we were visiting before.

It was so ironic, while driving towards the beach the radio played a song that was about lost things and finding them. "What is it that you are searching for" "is it hard to find" etc. I'll put the link down below for the song.

So luckily we found it at the exact same spot. There were some people there but no one had even touched it! This is what I love about Japan, the people are extraordinarily kind and law-biding.

So as we were getting hungry we drove to town to get some SUSHI!
We tried to get in a couple of places but they were full so we ended up with the Hamazushi kaiten zushi restaurant in Tottori.
It was my first time visiting a sushi-go-around but it was totally worth it. It was so amazing and exiting!
Kaiten Zushi
It was so delicious and the thing I loved about the sushi-go-around was the simplicity. I had never tried most of the things they had there before so I could just pick anything up that looked delicious.
I could also order via a touch screen some "special orders". It is a good place to visit if you never ever had sushi and you want to try but don't know what to order.
I had eaten sushi before but my god it was so much better here! And as if that would not be enough, they say  that these kinds of places sell mediocre sushi and that the best ones are sold in real sushi shops were they make them in front of you. So if this was mediocre, then the "real" sushi must be out of this world!

As a side note, I posted some footage of the kaitenzushi in my "daily video" of today, so be sure to check out my YouTube channel:

So as a tip for the sushi lovers who visit Tottori, I snooped around and found out that the best Conveyor belt sushi restaurant [also known as a sushi-go-around, in Japanese kaiten zushi, 回転寿司] in Tottori is the "Hokkaido" kaiten zushi.

So after eating we had to hurry to get me and my stuff to the train station so that I could board my train on time. I was leaving for Takamatsu in Shikoku, Kagawa- prefecture.
The train ride was only 3 hours long and went by in a jiffy.

I went immediately to my hotel to do the sign in so that I could leave my stuff there and to go out to stroll in the town.

I chose Takamatsu only as a hub so that I could travel from here to Naruto and to Matsuyama later on but since my plans have changed I will only have time for Naruto.
I will maybe be coming back in August to visit Matsuyama but for now it's still uncertain.

Yes so I strolled around the port, visited the ruins of Takamatsu castle and finished my evening with some Sanuki-Udon which is of course the DELICIOUS local cuisine here.
Sanuki Udon

Tomorrow of to Naruto! 

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