Tuesday, July 9, 2013

From family to family, back to Takaoka

So I woke up today at 6.30 a.m. to eat some breakfast with the family. 
We had a sandwich lunch. They have been really amazing and we had really much fun yesterday! The daughters were sad when I left hahaha. 
On the train

So I then had to take the train towards Takaoka but I first took the wrong train so I had to ask for a new route to Takaoka from the station and got one similar to the previous that I had searched for on Hyperdia (http://www.hyperdia.com) It is a Japanese site that suggest you the transportation methods to your destination in Japan. Trains, buses and even flights! It's super useful. 

So the next 7 hours I spent in various trains going towards Takaoka. I had time to eat a Bento in the train and to sleep and to listen music to kill the time.
I arrived at 15.51 to the Takaoka station and met my friend Yuko there. We had agreed to go and look around the city again a bit so we went to the Zuiryuji temple to look at the amazing temple grounds and the building.
It was very old and well kept and there were even some restorations being done. Truly worth while seeing if you are ever in Toyama prefecture. It's near the Takaoka station and you can walk there in 10 minutes. 

At the park
After that we went to see the Daibutsu, big Buddha, of Takaoka. I had been there before when I first visited Takaoka but Yuko had never been there yet so we went to see it for her sake. 

We walked around for a while and finally went to take a stroll around the Kojou-koen park. 
Sushi Park
It was so lovely as almost any Japanese garden that there is. The atmosphere was so relaxed and there was  a old man playing the flute that made the mood even more relaxed. We went and talked with him for a while and he told us that he had been playing only for 3 years and was there rehearsing. He was very modest of his skills and even let us listen to his playing some more before leaving. 
It sounded very nice and the flute had a amazing sound. 

We then came to Yoshimis house to bring my stuff in and then went to the supermarket. Yoshimi is the couch surfer host that hosted me before also.
I bought some ingredients at the supermarket and made some Mocha cake to us. We also had a temaki-zushi party :) so sushi again :) Yum yum !
So this is where my day ends, we are going to drink again so it's party again !