Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Miajima day tour

So today I woke up early to go to take a shower, I had to rent a towel but I only had bigger bills with me so I decided to go to the supermarket near by to break the bills and to by myself some breakfast.
I bought myself some serials and milk and some onigiri ( rice-balls) for later.

After finishing shopping I returned to my hostel to eat the breakfast and to rent the damn towel. It had been such a HOT day yesterday that it was due already.

I sat in my room for a while cooling down with the help of the air conditioners and after that I was ready to leave but I was waiting on the danish guy Martin to prepare himself to leave. It took a while before the departure but it didn't matter. We were joined by two other travelers from the same hostel on our way to Hiroshima.
We all got along just fine and had a lot of fun there.

We took the tram and the train to get to Miajima guchi from where it was only a minutes walk to get to the ferry
The trip in itself was so smooth and pleasurable and quick and the boat ride took a little while.
The view of the "floatin" torii gate was amazing as always. The red collor had faded a bit and turned into a orange-ish color.

When we arrived to the Miajima port we were greeted by deer's! The deer's were everywhere and it was absolutely great and such a beautiful sight to be able to witness from such a short distance.

So we then walked to the Itsukushima shrine to look at the torii gate a little closer but we did not enter the shrine this time around. I had visited there last year and it had been a cool place to visit.

We walked a bit around the vicinity and ate quickly with Martin at a restaurant there. It was a bit more expensive than on the mainland but we didn't care since we were hungry.

We then started heading for Mount Misen. We were all ready to go see the amazing views from the top but the observatory was unfortunately under construction during this year so it meant that we could not climb all the way up to the observatory but only to the top of the mountain it self, which again is just as fine for me.

So we walked to the cable car terminal and took the short trip up to the mountain and had to walk still 30 minutes from there to the summit of the mountain. It was so hot and humid out there!

We all took a brake on top of the mountain and watched at the beautiful scenery that laid around us. The view was perfect and the weather was clear so I was really glad that we had come.

I also recommend to try walking up the mountain all the way from the foot up to the top just by foot, instead of using the cable car. That is surely a great experience as well and it takes 1.5 hours apparently.

So we then climbed down and took the cable car down. We headed back already to see around in the town. The sun was already slowly setting so we started heading back to the torii gate to take some pictures of the gate in the sunset. I also took a video and it was just so beautiful and relaxing.

We then took the boat back to the mainland and from there the train and the tram to our hostel.
I prepared some food for myself while the other guys went to eat Okonomiyaki. I recommended them a spot.

So after eating I was up for some drinks and I headed out to meet the guys in the city and I went by foot since the trams did not operate anymore. It was so hot outside still even though the sun was down.

I took a wrong turn in a under passage and for that reason my trip took a little longer than expected but the guys had waited for me patiently. Lucky me!

We then went to the local bar districts and saw a lot of Host clubs. I don't want to go too much in to what a Host club is but basically it is a club for lonely people to go and have a drink with a hot girl or guy who works there. So basically they offer company for lonely people. THEY DO NOT SELL SEX so don't get all hot and bothered!
Though of course sex might be possible to be bought in SOME places i wont deny that possibility. But Japan is not that kid of a country even though it is a Asian country. I mean I think sex is sold much more in the other countries around and it is easier to find it there than in here since here it rarely exists.

So we wandered along the streets unable to find just a bar so we bought some beers from the store and drank outside while walking and talking.

We then headed to the hostel but Martin parted here with us to go to his own hostel near the station.
I will see him again when I am in Kyoto.