Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fushimi Inari shrine and climbing Mt. Inari!

Fushimi Inari shrine
Today was a lot of fun even though I didn't do much.
I woke up at 9 a.m. but snoozed and before I knew it, it was already 11 a.m. and I jumped up and headed down. I ate a quick yogurt and told my host where I was of to today. I had promised to make some "Finish" food today, macaroni casserole.
I was out soon after and of towards the station to take the train to Fushimi Inari shrine, a very famous shrine in Kyoto!

As I arrived to the station the first thing I had decided to do, was to get something to eat and the decision came easily since there was a ramen shop just beside the station. So I went there and orderd myself some curry ramen because I had never heard of curry ramen and bet it tasted good. I have heard of curry soba but it is very different from this. The flavors were amazing and the noodles had soaked up much of the flavor!

I then walked satisfied to the main shrine and looked around the magnificent yard. The main reason though why I was here, was to climb the mountain through the multiple torii gate "tunnels" depicted in many brochures and travel pamphlets.
I found the entrance very easily and was on my way. The air was heavy of all the humidity but still a bit cool from the shadow and the wind. It didn't help much since I was sweating a LOT thanks to the humidity, that's why I'm so glad that I have understood to buy a face towel for these hot days, and I also took some water with me.

It took me 1 hour to reach the top since the rout is not straight but it goes through many smaller shrine areas and makes finally a stop at the peak and then loops back another way, so 40-50 minutes back.

It felt amazing though since you get the feeling of completion once you have finished.
The shrine on the top
The view and scenery was not bad either. So my advice to those who want to climb this small mountain, is to have some water with you, since the prices of water go up the higher you get. Have light clothes and comfortable shoes and if you want, bring a face towel or something similar since you are prone to sweat a lot. Personally I recommend visiting this lovely place!
The route

I then returned to the station and ate a tofu ice-cream on my way which I bought from a street vendor.
I took the train to Tokyo station where I went to a Starbucks to relax and to think about what to do next.
The time I had left was limited so I sat and enjoyed the outside for a while at Starbucks and then went to the nearby Yodobashi Camera department store to check out their cool tax free stuff. I spent only a while there until I already returned to the station and went back to my hosts station. From there I walked to the supermarket and bought some groceries and returned to my hosts house.

I started soon the preparations of the food and meanwhile her brother came back and was glad to find out that I was treating them the food for today.I cooked some macaroni casserole in the Finish style and they liked it. It made me happy.

Tomorrow I will go to Uji to se some UNESCO temples and from there, if I have the time I will go to the Gekkeikan sake distillery to have a little looksie there.