Monday, July 22, 2013

Biking in Kyoto

At the market 
Today I woke up early at 9 a.m. and went to make some breakfast to the kitchen.
I met some Taiwanese people yesterday and we had chatted a bit and today I met them in the kitchen.
So I asked them what they were up to and suggested them some sights to see and once I found out that two of them were going to the morning market I asked if I could join since I had not yet been there.

We rented bikes from the hostel and biked there.
It was really cool, there were so much food and product on display! Fish in various forms: Cooked, steamed, raw, dried etc. and of course there were a lot of pickled vegetables and a lot of other traditional food. There were eels being prepared as we walked and the aroma was really tempting.
I want to taste eel while I am here but it feels like I never have the possibility even though that is complete rubbish since the chance is around almost every corner.

So we walked around with our bikes through the long corridor filled with shops. The girls bought some snacks and drinks and other stuff from there but I decided on just a hand painted fan. It was really cheap as well to be a hand painted fan, only 1000 yen which should be around 10 dollars or 8 euros or so.

When our little tour was finished I suggested the girls a visit to the Sanjuusangendo temple near the station. I had been there two times before. It is known for its 1001 Buddha statues that had been carved by hand and then gilded with gold paint or gold leafs. They look really spectacular and if you are in Kyoto, I really suggest you give it some thought and VISIT IT, if only possible.

So I showed the girls the way and sent them off, I was not going myself since I wanted to go to the Kinkakuji or gold pavilion in the further part of Kyoto city.
But first I needed something to eat so I went to my favorite curry chain restaurant in Japan called CoCoIchibaya! I had my usual, which is the chicken cutlet curry with the spice level 3. Delish!
After finishing the plate and paying the bill I was on my way again.

It was a really long bike ride and the air was just SO hot and humid that by the time I arrived I was dripping with sweat, kind of annoying really to be all sweaty and sticky.
But since I could not help it I endured the unfresh feeling and walked to the pavilion entrance.
I had visited last summer as well so I knew that what waited for me was just pure awesomeness. And so it was.
I payed myself in, it costed 400 yen, and was soon standing in front of this artistic, breath taking beauty called the golden pavilion.
It is so beautiful with its gilded walls and the surroundings make it just look so surreal.

I took many pictures of this marvelous structure and walked around it along the path and really enjoyed it.
The path then continued along the garden and ended at a tea house and a small temple or shrine. I bought some postcards for later from the souvenir shop.

They had promised rain for today and as the sky looked already pretty dark, I decided that I'd already head back to my hostel. I changed my shirt in the toilet and started my trip back.
This time it was a bit easier since it wasn't a constant uphill.

The rain started falling a little before I had reached the JR Kyoto station from where it takes roughly 5 minutes to my hostel, so I got only a tiny bit wet from the rain. The rest was just sweat from the heat :) haha!

At my hostel I took a well deserved shower and started making preparations for my dinner.
I made some coleslaw and baked potatoes that I ate together with yesterdays leftover wok.
After that the two Taiwanese girls returned as well to have their dinner before they all left to Nara.

Today was not really a busy day but days like these are also OK once in a while.