Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kure port area, naval-ships and submarines.

Yesturday had had it's toll on me. I woke at 11 a.m. after a 7 hours sleep and I was ready to get going, almost.
Kure port
I had to take a shower and upload yesterdays video (click here for the video)  and write yesterdays blog since I had no energy anymore when I got back yesterday. No hangovers tho! 

Before I knew it, the clock was already 1 p.m. and I was hungry so I headed down to have something to eat. 
After eating I ran into Anna and her boyfriend Chack (sorry if I misspelled your name) and we talked for a while. 
I soon realized that there was no time to go around Hiroshima anymore before I had to already leave for the Hiroshima train station to take a train to Kure-Port to see my friend.

I showed them my blog and my vlog , My channel on YouTube *Check It Out*, and talked about them a bit. We had been yesterday together in Miajima and had so much fun together. 

So I then slowly started moving towards the station and asked for the directions to the Port. I like it how they have a info at almost every single station in Japan. The bigger stations always  tourist info spot. 

Battleship Yamato (miniature)
So anyway I headed out in good time but missed the train because I was buying coffee and there was such a long cue before me that I just simply had no time to get to the train. But no worries, I took the next train and I was actually on time to meet my friend Suguru there. 

Suguru is in the navy and has his naval school at a nearby island and he had agreed to hang out with me today in Kure. 

We went to the Yamato museum near the station which was a museum dedicated to the sunken battleship Yamato which was one of the world most largest battleships. 
There was a lot of interesting things to be learnt and I enjoyed the explanations that Suguru could add to them.

There was as huge submarine outside the museum and you can enter it with out charge but we only went and looked at it from the outside since the gates had already closed to the submarine. 
It was a amazing piece of history and such a great and cool sight, totally worth seeing. It made me a bit annoyed that we were too late to enter.

We then went to take a buss to get to the other side of the port in order to see real ships belonging to the navy.
There were many! Gunboats, Minesweepers, Submarines, boats for personnel transportation etc. just a lot of different types of ships. The local shipyard laid just a stones throw away from there. This shipyard supplies the navy with ships and repairs them as well yet it is a private firm. 

After walking around and taking pictures for a while we started getting back. It was raining (again), today is a rainy day here in Hiroshima. 

So when we got back we were feeling hungry and thus we went to get some Okonomiyaki. The place was packed and we had to wait for a while. 
When we got inside we were seated at the counter so that we could see as they made the Okonomiyaki in front of us. There was so much going on since the store was full of hungry customers. 

The Okonomiyaki was just so GREAT! Delicious, delicious, delicious! I will surely miss it when I tomorrow go to Fukuoka. 
Funny Karaoke house in downtown Kure
When we had eaten we toured around the streets for a while searching for some street stalls to get something to drink from but eventually found none so we headed back to the station where we said our goodbyes.

I took the train back to Hiroshima station and from there the tram to Dobashi where my hostel was located.