Saturday, July 6, 2013

The hours of agony, towards Tottori; Karaoke time people!

So today I woke up pretty early since I had to pack my stuff and leave Hakuba with a heavy heart. I had so much fun there with the host family and their friends that I wish I had staid for longer. But the road takes me onward.

So after waking up I took a shower and packed and ate some breakfast before my host came to pick me up to take me to the Hakuba station from where I was supposed to take the train towards Matsumoto.
In the train again
I got to Matsumoto in the nick of time to get to my next train towards Nagoya station where I was to make a  change to the Shinkansen Hikari.
I had a little time to spend in Nagoya station and somehow managed to buy myself a delicious Miso Katsu bento (miso sauce topped fried pork cutlet boxed lunch). Miso katsu is one of the local Nagoya cuisines and I ate it also when I visited Nagoya a couple of weeks ago.

Needles to say it was delicious ! And it was about time I had something to eat since it was already 2 p.m. when I got to eat and I had eaten previously t 8 a.m. so it was a life saver.
So my tip for those who travel by train in Japan : Get yourself a Bento for the train ride. It is completely normal here to eat while riding the train. And the food is good so why complain !?

I arrived to the Shin-Osaka station too late for my change. I had to take the later train towards Tottori so I arrived finally there at 19.17.

Yu, my friend who I met through CS (Couch surfing) in Finland was going to be my host and was at the station with his parents to meet me.

We went to eat at a Family Restuarant in Tottori. The chain was called COCO. I was allready so hungry by then.
The food tasted great and of course hunger is one of the best spices ever!

We then returned to their house to leave my luggage there and then me and Yu were of to sing some Karaoke !

I was skeptic at first but as we started I got really in to it. We sang for 2 hours and I had a Pitcher of beer to drink.

So that was my day in short, not much happened during the day but the evening was amazing and fun! Thanks Yu!
Karaoke ! 

Tomorrow I'll  visit the desert here in Tottori and then later I'll be of towards Kagawa.

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