Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pandas and cosplayers in Tokyo

Yet another day has come to its end.
Today was specially hot in my opinion and I think I remember the weather forecast talking something about 30+ degrees Celsius?

I woke up at 8 after a pretty annoying night. There were some new guests arriving to my room at night time apparently and the first thing they do is hit the F*cking light switch turning the room into a blazing, bright, HELL! Not only did they do that once, but on twice during the night!
Oh well live and let live. Forgive and forget etc.

Famous five-storied pagoda of Ueno
I took a quick shower before heading downstairs to eat the breakfast at the hostel. I then uploaded the video of yesterday and made myself ready to leave for the Ueno Zoo.
I took the Ginza-Line from Asakusa to Ueno and walked 5 minutes from the station to the Ueno Park where the entrance was for the zoo.

The first thing I went to see was the Panda, which is Ueno zoos pride and joy. It was very big and very cute. The line was pretty long but I was quite early so it wasn't yet at its worst.

I then spent a good while there at the zoo looking at all the animals like the elephants, tigers, hippos, ice bears etc.
It was so hot outside that I had to take a break for a longer while since I was so exhausted.
Harajuku from the heights 

After the visit I left for Harajuku to see the famous cosplayers and the Meiji-shrine and to go and window shop a little. I then came back around 18 and decided to stay at the hostel for one more night since my plans changed a bit.

Tomorrow I will leave for Osaka and there I'll be staying at a Couch surfers hose. Really looking forward my Osaka trip. I will also now start to use my JR-Pass, so unlimited JR traveling for me.

Traveling for a long time really is adventurous and spontaneous changes may appear. For example I decided to come back to Tokyo on the 27th of July to see the Sumida river fireworks that are one of the most famous firework events of Japan.
Thanks to Ako it is possible so thank you! :)

Cheers and thanks for reading!